Venus Diaries

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No matter which way I try I almost always fall into the traditional Venus in both her morning and evening star archetypes in photos, dress, and art. Even as I created this image, I found myself going back through the Fairmont Hotel photographs and incorporating older drawings. How Mercury Rx shadow of me. That being said, Sherene informed me that Venus has moved from Capricorn into Aquarius. My weeks of healing, self development, and research into self sabotage were now being moved forward into cultivating friendships and remaining true to myself. One thing I’ve very much gotten into this winter is tea, especially spiced orange tea and anything orange in general. I’ve spent days hidden away in a writers retreat making olive oil cake while the snow fell all around us. I created a magical oil based on that very cake recipe, and I’ve spent long nights trying to figure out how to incorporate orange trees into my work while perusing vintage box labels. Color and design have always been something that has uplifted me in long winter months. When I lived in NY there was one very long dreadful winter and I found myself calling my mother in all seriousness saying, “I really don’t know how I’m going to make it.” I was depressed and stir crazy. It had snowed a lot that year and didn’t look like it would be letting up any time soon. I lived near a giant fruit market. I loved it because it was open all year long and every time I went the colors would uplift me. I found myself buying a lot of fruit that winter but I always made room for either a bowl of lemons, clementines, or mandarin oranges. I loved them most when they came with leaves. Just having them around would pick me up right away and drinking lemon water was my way of drinking in the sunshine of the spring and summer to come. I was nervous when I first moved to Chicago as well. Chicago is known for it’s long cold winters and any work travel for me to focus on I was concerned I’d become depressed again. This is where my Venus steps in. Being a Taurus I’m ruled by this fiery little planet and she keeps me inspired and warm even in the coldest times. I started working with both Venus and Jupiter elements within my work and style and became enamored with colors of all kinds.

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In the midst of this frenzy Sherene asked me if I would be interested in doing a five day retreat in Morocco. Of course I had to say yes. Five, the number of Venus, me being ruled by Venus, Marrakech with Sherene and our beloved guests in the gorgeous Riad Enija. I had decided for the New year that I was going to give myself over to new experiences and this would be one of them. While we’ve done retreats before I felt it was the perfect way to tap into the full on Venus experience. I looked over images of gorgeous fountains filled with fresh rose petals daily, suites fit for royalty, gorgeous mosaics, and long corridors with lush green plants. I wanted to drink it in. I knew this would be the perfect place for Sherene and I to share our gifts with others. I thought about morning coffee and Moroccan mint tea on the terrace, reading leaves and grounds. I’d incorporate some of Brion Gysin’s methods into meditation and perhaps include the trance state music of the Master Musicians of Jajouka. There was so much whirling through my head, frequency shifting, hands on healing, bellydance, glamour magic, and photo shoots, astrology, tarot, and so much more. Venus was swirling around me and pulsing through my veins.


It’s important during any long rest or transition period (winters are good for that) to focus on that loving Venus energy that inspires us to do better in taking care of ourselves. Personally I’m taking this month to focus on food, getting enough water, and exercise. While I’ve done wonderfully at making all my food from scratch I have also succumbed to baking lots of treats and we all know that means sugar. In my defense there’s nothing like making fresh soup and baking delicious cake in the winter before settling in to draw in my sketchbook with a glass of lemon water and a cup of freshly brewed tea. If I’m feeling very luxurious I’ll put on old radio shows and lounge in a kimono. I’m all about adding Venus to the every day. For more information on the “Venus Diaries” retreat from April 13-17 2019 visit We would love to share this incredible experience with you.

What are you doing this winter to take care of yourself? Feel free to comment here, any social media, or drop me a line and share what your personal Venus time entails.

Brew up some delicious Moroccan Mint tea or a bit of black tea with sliced oranges, honey or jam and get into the zone with the Master Musicians of Jajouka.