Money Magic: The First Steps


At some point in our lives we’ve worried about money. Some of us worry a lot about money and others seem to have periods off prosperity and then of worry. For a few people, they don’t worry at all. Money is abundant and they spend freely having overflow to both purchase and save for later. I see a lot of talk of manifestation and while I agree with some of it, I do feel a majority of it sounds like victim blaming. “If you’re still poor or it’s not happening it means you didn’t want it enough.” This isn’t the case. In fact the poor often spend more on every day items, they are stressed more causing havoc on health, often there’s not a consistent schedule, especially working in retail or food, and the list goes on and on. It can wreak havoc on self esteem as well. There’s a lot of talk about poverty consciousness as well. Lack and fear are very realistic issues to navigate during a time of need. And it’s important to assess poverty consciousness at its roots and find where it can be tied to us both energetically and physically. For instance, in times of need, “I need to pay this rent.” we can fall down a rabbit hole of despair trying to figure out where the income will come from.

Feeling needy is uncomfortable. It’s like a hammer to the ego saying “You couldn’t do this. You let people down.” and yet there are important lessons in this. That feeling of need is important to assess. It’s also important to work with that feeling and change it from despair to “How can I work this out?” In this you can become the problem solver. As a freelancer I’ve taken a number of odd jobs while pursuing my career. I've worked at Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop, a chambermaid for a bed and breakfast, Macy's as an Elf, Fedex-kinkos, National Mah Jongg League filing paperwork and inputting numbers, handing out fliers, an artists model, tarot reader, candle maker, and oil mixer at botanica, and as an artist's assistant. There are times when I am relaxed about money and there are times when I’m extremely stressed. What I have learned over the years is that stressing never helps. It only makes it worse and the more creative I get with my answers, the more I’m able to navigate these times with grace. Now I have to point out I can only speak for myself in these situations but I have been at one time or another in my life so poor I’ve lived off rice, eggs, and tomatoes, sometimes for months. I’ve also experienced the fear of not being able to pay rent on time, one of these being when my rent was only $300. As rents raise and inflation and real wages in the US remaining relatively the same since the 1970s/1980s poverty consciousness is a very real issue. So what should you do? Look at what is working for you and what isn’t. Write down anything you are worried about and underneath write three solutions to each. Start working through the solutions. If one doesn’t work go to the next. if that doesn’t work then do the third. If that still feels blocked write down three more. It’s amazing how many ways the brain will twist and turn to help you find a resolution.

It’s okay to ask for help. One of my biggest breaks in life was when I let go of my ego and messaged friends an email I never wanted to send. I had three jobs fall through in one week. I didn’t have enough to pay the rent and I over estimated my expenses and was in deep trouble. I explained this in the email and asked trusted friends if they knew of anyone looking for an artist whether it be an illustration job, design etc. I didn’t care. I was willing to take any lead. I’d be willing to take on part time work in cafe or temp agency etc (Although in all honesty I’ve never been gifted in food services. I was a terrible waitress. Hats off to those who do it and do it well.) My friends came to my rescue, offering me work on videos, tours, private commissions and it helped out so much I was able to get back on my feet. Now this isn’t always the case, but asking people for ideas, leads etc never hurts. You never know who may have work for you. I was once handing out fliers outside in freezing cold weather when a woman came up to me. I told her I was in between work. She replied, “There’s a temp job in my building. Do you want me too vouch for you?” And to this day it was one of the greatest acts of kindness I’ve experienced. Don’t be embarrassed to tell the truth or ask for help.

The next step can be really hard. This is where we take responsibility. It’s important to acknowledge the need and fear. If you take that in accept it and then head into the place where you become the problem solver this leads you to where you can look at where you are spending. For instance, if you happen to take on an extra job or get a good paycheck it’s important to see where it’s being spent. Did you pay off rent, a bill or someone you owed or did you spend it on a gift for yourself, a vacation etc. These things can affect your money magic energetically. Part of money magic is to pay off what you owe. If I have a large bill to pay I will pay the bill (or if I don’t have enough I will pay a portion and every paycheck after pay off a portion until it’s fully paid) and say, “I’m grateful I have the funds to pay this and I know more will come too me so I’ll be able to pay off the next one with ease.” I don’t always believe it but I say it. I try to get into the habit of paying off debts and allowing for the space for it to become full again. Magically speaking if you owe people money that have been helping you, try to pay off whatever you can even if it’s a little at a time. This way you aren’t upsetting anyone’s spirits further digging the hole of debt.

Part of taking responsibility is to see also where you can trim and where to add. When I was in NY I always had to have a roommate. I wasn’t able to afford the rent by myself and sharing the space with another not only cut down on rent but also most of the time we’d share the food and cleaning supplies. This helped immensely. While I wanted to live on my own I knew at that point in time it would be irresponsible to do it. It did help that I had awesome housemates. This is all another part of letting go of the ego. Assess where your ego is holding you back. Do you not want a part time or full time job because it’s not coinciding with your full dream? What if you consider it a stepping stone? These are things to consider when taking responsibility. Also look at the different abilities you have. Is there a way to have a side business with them or use them to help push forward your current business? Now this isn’t for anyone who wants to keep a hobby a hobby. If you enjoy something or have a gift that you’d like to keep as a de-stresser or a way to enjoy life/relax then keep it that way. No need to bring added stress into your life. Also is there a need for something that hasn’t been filled? Another part of taking responsibility is to talk about money. Find trusted friends or even make an appointment at the bank to talk about devising a plan. It’s important to disperse the fear of talking about money and the shame that goes along with it. Also look at family history with money. Are there wounds or insecurities there?. These first steps are something I have actively started doing in my own life to make sure I’m not holding myself back. There are always exceptions but as we go further into money magic we can heal the roots of our money wounds and get on track to financial success.


Understanding Need and Fear - It’s important to acknowledge both of these. Feel them for a minute but don’t let them control you. Falling into a pit of despair has not helped anyone BUT feeling these emotions can lead to great moments of clarity and new ideas.

Become the Problem Solver - What is working for you and what isn’t? For every issue write three solutions. If they don’t work write three more. Allow your brain to get creative. In that creativity usually lies the answer.

Ask for Help - You never know who will help you along the way. It may be in the form of insight, advice, or opportunity.

Take Responsibility - Look at where your spending lies. Also look at ways to condense or get creative with money. Also look to where ego may be holding you back.

Tackle Debts - Pay off bills and anyone you owe. This energetically keeps the movement flowing and allows for more to come in. Always thank the universe/higher power/whatever you choose to thank for the opportunity and funds to pay off your debts and the knowledge that the money will be returned plus extra.

Look at Your Gifts - What are you good at? Where can you add or combine to create extra income. For example: Are you a great thrift shopper? You can check prices online and use your gift of finding gems to generating income through online sales.

What are the Needs of the People - Assess the needs of people and create a job from there. My friend Molly Crabapple started illustrating her own articles. This was a brilliant idea because it allowed her access into places that didn’t allow photography but also added an extra dimension too her already wonderful writing. Haus of Hoodoo has built up a wonderful business through working with clientele and listening to their needs and creating candles to aid those in need. She sells out of product within minutes and is currently creating a wonderful line specific to Haus of Hoodoo.

Talk About Money - Learn to disperse fear of talking about money. I learned this from Jen Dziura who is a brilliant entrepreneur. She has an amazing school, blog, and community helping people create and run successful businesses. You can sign up for her courses, read her blogs, and shop the site here: Get Bullish

Look at Family Money Wounds - Start looking at your family’s history with mooney. Write down memories of money. I’ll write more on this in the next Money Magic blog. This is the initial look.


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