Valentine's Day: Love Magic


Every year a slew of articles come out on the hatred of Valentine’s day and the fear it can bring. Between stores jacking up the prices of bouquets and candies or those relationship questions that give us knots and butterflies, this year may be the year to let it all go. You don’t have to break the bank, have a partner, or even leave your home in order to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. This year make it about self love. If you are spending it with a significant other then make it about strengthening bonds and being individuals while maintaining a partnership. If you are spending it in limbo focus on qualities you’d like to bring into your life, and if spending it with friends focus on those ties.

The rituals below can be as simple or as intricate as you make them too be. The ingredients and supplies are household items or easily attained. While I love intricate rituals, I grew up with folk magic and often it’s simple things that can have great effects. I’ll give a recipe and a ritual for a bath too get you into the mood and headspace and then a simple ritual to weave your desires into being. It’s important to focus on your needs, what you require to fully strengthen your gifts, allow you to help others, and bring you into your most fulfilling life. You don’t have to have a glamorous job, tons of money, or status to be truly successful or fulfilled. While that may be someones wish or goal, for others it’s finding a lover, partner, family, children, or even a steady income. Whatever you choose to bring in is your business. Don’t let anyone try to say differently.


Ritual Bath:

One of my favorite things to do before I start my magic is to take a ritual bath. You can do this a few different ways. I’ll have options for both baths and showers. I like to create magical spaces for bathing. I didn’t always have a nice bathroom like I do now so I would do little things to make bath time special. Make sure too clean the bathroom a few hours before so that you are stepping into a fresh, clean space. I like to mix a little baking soda, vinegar, salt and essential oil after my usual cleaning to cleanse off any spiritual residue. Light any candles you’d like for lighting. I like to line the floor leading to the tub with tea lights in glass holders. You can find sets in any dollar store or you can pick some up at an antique store, specialty store or anywhere else you choose. If you like incense light some. Play some music that is sexy or sensual to add to the atmosphere. Light the candles before getting into the bath or shower. Starting at the door, drop your robe or towel to the floor and walk down the candlelit path to the bath or shower.


Milk (Goat, Coconut, Donkey, or Cow) Choose any of this or combine them.


Rose petals (Flower shops usually sell the petals very cheap. I used to get them for $3 a bag)


Sea salt




Epsom Salt

Sea Salt

Rose Petals






Cornflower (Optional)

*If you are using a bathtub you can mix these ingredients right into the bathtub. If you are showering you can make the salt based baths into a scrub by adding oil to them. Olive oil or coconut oil will do. Almond oil is great if you have it as well. You can make the milk bath by mixing it in a large bowl and then pouring it over your head while in the shower.


After bathing air dry or dry yourself with a fresh towel moving in upward movements to bring the love energy to you. Dress in something that makes you feel good or feel free to do the ritual naked. Whatever you prefer.

You can also prepare a oil for the ritual. Pheromones are chemical substances released from our bodies that attracts and affects the physiology of others . Pheromones naturally initiate a sexual response and make us more attractive to others. A female’s putative primary pheromone is copulin and a male’s putative primary pheromone is androstenone.

We can increase pheromones through exercising, bathing a little less or using mild soap, eating zinc, and getting more sleep. You can also enhance them with scent. Traditionally scents such as musk mimic the scent of pheromones. Other scents such as vanilla, cinnamon, citrus, and licorice to name a few. To make yourself a sexy oil you can follow this recipe or create your own.


A portion of a vanilla bean or a few drops of vanilla oil

A pinch of cinnamon (Do not use if you are allergic or have respiratory problems)

A few drops of lime or orange oil (Or some dried orange or lemon zest)

A drop of musk (I’m not a fan of musk so I use it sparingly)

Base oil: Sweet almond (Can be found at the drug store where they sell international beauty products)


Rose (Dried or oil)

A portion of a vanilla bean or some oil


A pinch of cinnamon (Do not use if you are allergic or have respiratory problems)

A drop of musk

Base oil: Coconut or Sweet Almond

You should be able to find most of these oils at any botanical or small files online relatively cheap. You can always replace oils with herbs but it may take longer to get a scent. You can make an incredibly potent oil by making it on Valentine’s Day and allowing it to absorb the herbs over a period of time, making it a part of your love rituals or chanting to it on a chosen day.

When you feel it’s ready you can dab it behind your ears, on your wrists, collarbone, and above your genitals. You can also add some to your braiding /weaving spell below.

Weaving/Braiding Ritual:

You can use yarn, ribbon, or if you have a weaving loom or bead loom feel free to expand on this. I’ve been very much into weaving and looming as of late. Not only does it connect us with our ancestors but also it gives us a physical working to enhance over time.


Yarn, ribbon, shreds of oils clothing for material. (You can use any of these or mix them)

Small bells ( Can be obtained from a craft store or online)

Any charms you’d like to add

Bay leaves


I used some keys I had, a couple trinkets I found in my jewelry box, coral beads, ribbon from the dollar store, and part of a ring I bought in Mexico. The ribbon was bought at the dollar store. What you’ll be doing is braiding magic. Give a purpose or significance to the ribbon you use. For example you can strengthen a relationship by designating one ribbon for you, one for your significant other and one for the bond in your relationship. You can work with it to draw in a lover by using the same type of energy. You can even strengthen the relationship with yourself. I like to anoint the ribbons with oil and chant or talk while I braid it. You may need to braid a few times. Also remember with ribbon it will not be a straightforward braid. If you’d like that you can use yarn and braid that. When all finished blow on it three times and place it somewhere special. I have mine on my favorite mirror.

At night place a bay leaf under your pillow before you go to sleep and ask for guidance in reaching your goal. Record your dreams.

bunny boy.jpg

Enjoy your time this Valentine’s Day. Make it about enriching your life. Make yourself a great meal like in Dinner & History or order out. Create a fantastic dessert as in Dessert & Charms and enjoy the aphrodisiacs in all the food you prepare. Then prepare yourself for a luxurious bath, oil making, and love magic. Involve your lover or do it yourself. Create a sexy day or series of days to get in touch with your body, wants, needs, and requirements. Go wild.