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Katelan received her first deck (Rider Waite) when she was just 12 years old and began reading that day.  From 2005-2007 she read at Magickal Realms in the Bronx alonside many wonderful spiritualists and upon leaving in 2007 started her own practice.  She has read for numerous people around the globe and has a strong following of both online and off. She is the co-founder of Beneath the Half Moon with Sherene Schostak, held new and full moon circles at the Edgar Cayce Center, and travelled extensively with tarot in hand.

Katelan is a Taurus, with Leo rising and a Moon in Capricorn



ONLINE READINGS: Click links to etsy store

Full Deck: $100 (email only)

10 Card: $40  (email only)

3 Card: $15  (email only)



Spiritual Cleansings: $30

Reiki 30 min: $60

Reiki 60 min: $90

Reiki & Cleansing Options


Please email her at with any questions.


I'm a die-hard skeptic but I trust Katelan's tarot readings implicitly.  No matter what issues I might say are going on, she possesses an ability to zero in on the truth which can only be described as startling.  She never tells me what I want to hear, but always what I need.



For entertainment purposes only.

A Tarot reading is never a substitute for medical, psychological, financial, or legal counseling. For those who are suffering severe symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, or other ailments, please contact professional medical and/or psychological services in your area.