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Dreams Are Real 024: Year In Review

I've heard that whatever you do on New Years is what you'll be doing for the entire year.  Last year I rung in 2010 with Sherene and Tet, went to a fancy cocktail party, and caused some trouble with Jasen Rolfe.  Well, it turned out to be just that.  I can honestly say this was the year of decadent parties, amazing creatives, mantillas, and bohemia in all it's glory.  2010 has been one of the most inspiring years I've come across in a long time.

This image was taken at the HEEB storytelling event.  The event itself was a wonderful way to end the year.  The dress was given to me by dear friend Molly Crabapple and was made by Stop Staring.  Just like my red velvet dress, this one symbolizes something special.  Amazing people and presences and living a life of absolute enjoyment.  Something is brewing for 2011, something big.  I'm not quite sure what it is yet, but it's well into forming.  But I digress, let us look at the wonderment that was 2010.

The People:

So many internet faces became realities this year.  I had the pleasure of meeting Warren Ellis, Kim Boekbinder, Jim Batt, Gala Darling, Jill Tracy, Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Zoetica Ebb, Ales Kot, Larissa Fuchs, Beth Hommel, Kayla Oberman,Lauren Goldberg, Stoya, Veronika von Volkolva, Robin LeBlanc, Sarah Froelich, Lonesome Liz, Cody James, Dan Holloway, Gabby Young, Katie Antoniou, Balthazar, Sonia Kubica, Rita J. King, Jason Silva, Ayesha Khana, Andrew Rosetta, Lenox Parker and so many more. 

* I have to note that most of the people I have met have been through Warren.  Warren is brilliant and wonderful and he's seen me make an ass of myself while drunk and still talks to me.  Plus he's connected so many people through Whitechapel and his website.  I owe him a lot.  He's been a good friend, and he always, always, always, tells me when I'm overreacting.  Cheers to you Warren Ellis.  May 2011 bring you ridiculous amounts of money, nurses, and organs.

* Thank you to Chelsea Summers as well, as she kicked my ass into letting go of the past and looking toward the future.

The Parties:

This year seemed to be the year of fabulous parties and champagne, champagne, champagne! It's all about celebrating life, now isn't it? Some of the highlights were the XEX Magazine party, Cynthia von Buhler's summer party at the castle and her fabulous FREAKS inspired birthday party in the city, the backyard champagne get together Shannon and I threw in the backyard, birthday as well as our all girl drawing parties, Dirtee Hollywood, Constellation's 5th birthday, my book release party, Pretty Pretty Bang Bang with Blue Michael Cosmetics, Saturn Sisters, Sherene's bachelorette, Lisa and Jon's wedding,YFT, Gemini and Scorpio's Halloween event as well as their Swing House party, Eric Nelson's book release party, Spring Break Massacre, and of course the secret parties held in the city. 

Mike Ruiz and myself.

Dina Marie Delicious, Blue Michael, and myself.

John S. Hall and myself at The Blood and Pudding Release Party. Photo by Emily Poole

Me & Morgan at The Spring Break Massacre

Dr. Miro. me, Sherene Schostak, & Stefanie Iris Weiss at the Saturn Sisters Soiree.


I released Blood and Pudding and the response has been wonderful.  Thank you a thousand time to everyone who has written me letters about the book.  It means the world to me. The release party was amazing as well.  Thank you to all who performed and attended.  A special thank you goes out to Michael Malice.

Photo by Emily Poole

Started working with the Needle Exchange, which may be the most important work yet to come.

Created art for Gabby Young's tour and Kim Boekbinder's album.

Detailing Gabby from Katelan Foisy on Vimeo.

Knickerbocker Circus released The Silk City Series, B&P, and Lilith: Queen of the Desert. 

Released my first spoken word piece with ABEARICA.

Gallery Shows included Golden Gals Gone Wild curated by the gorgeous Lenora Claire at WEAM, Pornsaints show at Birdhouse Gallery in Texas and Museum of Porn in Art in Zurich, and OVADA in Oxford.

Participated in the Hybrid Realities salon at Science House where we discussed relationships in cyberlife. 

Literary Readings including: The Poetry Cafe, home to the National Poetry Society in London, Albion Beatnick Bookstore in Oxford, Midnight Special, Red Umbrella Diaries, Fireside Follies, and Bluestockings Bookstore NYC.  And let us not forget the Lilith Burning flash gig in Oxford.

Modeled for Dr. Sketchy's as Kali Ma twice, and Frida Kahlo.

Modeled for Molly Crabapple's Dirtee Hollywood Line.

Mike Lala and I started our Lie & Indite project. He is still blogless.

Then there was the cult.  It is glorious and about to be unleashed.

Swimming Cities started to build and finish the boats.


Press & Other Greatness:

I was written up in, Words with Jam,  Filthy Gorgeous Things, Bushwick Daily, London Plinth, My poster for Gabby Young was featured in Amelia's Magazine as well as Supermarket Sarah, and became the #1 most popular interview for Fixe Magazine.  I modeled for Chinashop Magazine, performed for HEEB, and did an radio interview for H2O.  And I was honored to be mentioned in Rita J. King's TEDxNASA talk.

 I now leave you with the greatest gift ever bestowed on a person.  Thank you Kim Boekbinder. Here's to 2011.