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En Gypsy Couture 019: Status Quo from the Isle of Strega

It's been incredibly busy here at the secret strega house.  So I thought I'd show you a little of what's been going on. I started painting the wardrobe trunk! Finally all my bohemian dreams are coming true.

First in progress shot.

And where it's up to now. 

I designed this business card for Anya Kless.

Went to the Biennial opening at the Whitney with Brooklyn Hellbetty.  We also hit up the Guggenheim opening for "Being Singular Plural". Photos by Gillian (Brooklyn Hellbetty).

I drew a little sketch of Eleggua at the Biennial.

I wore this to the Guggenheim opening.  Getting some witchy Frida Kahlo on.

Melissa Dowell and I at New Museum's "Ungovernables" opening.

The New Museum sent me this gift card for Joe Fresh.  Of course my hair got in the way of the great design of the shirt but I like it anyway.

Photo by Amanda Nadal editing by moi.

Silent James sent me this wonderful package including his book Three and both this gorgewous print and wonderful painting of me as Lucrezia Guerierri in Speakeasy Dollhouse.

Other highlights: Veronika von Volkova came for a visit.  Literary Death Match had their 6th birthday here in NYC.  It was great to have Todd Zuniga back in town. Dean Haspiel one of my favorite people around won.  All around we were surrounded by good people. Beneath the Half Moon started up with circles again now that Sherene is back from India.  It's a busy time in the life of La Gitana but totally worth every moment. More updates soon.