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Dreams Are Real 042: Vonvolkova & the Wardrobe Trunk


Veronika von Volkova photographed me painting the Gypsy trunk.



Killin' It 063: Time Out NY, Speakeasy Dollhouse, Two Shows, & More

I'm in Time Out NY's apartment tours. Click the image to be taken to the article. Photo by Zenith Richards. Dress by Stop Staring

October 29th I will have selected tarot pieces at Gemini & Scorpio's Masquerade Macabre.  You can purchase your tickets here.  Hurry as they sell out fast.

I've also been acting in Cynthia von Buhler's immersive play "Speakeasy Dollhouse"  The next show is October 31.  You can purchase tickets here.  Murder, mafia, bootleg booze! Photo by Kate Black

November 4th brings the "Spirit Animal" show at the White Rabbit.  This show will be up for two months and a portion of the proceeds from art sales will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. Click the image to RSVP.

In other news Literary Death Match came to town last week.  Electric Literature did a lovely write up on the event inclusing an akward prom pose with me and Todd Zuniga.  Sfterward he recited William Carlos Williams at the dinner table.  Not a bad night. Click the prom photo to get to the article.

Dan Holloway just came out with a new book.  It features a photo of me by the lovely Veronika von Volkova. The pic will take you to the books amazon page where you can purchase it. 


Crosses Palm With Silver 030: Equinox Readings & Other Updates

Photos by Veronika von Volkova

There are exciting things brewing here at the caravan.  For one, Beneath the Half Moon is starting classes again and come January we will begin the year long extensive course both online and in the classroom. In the meantime we will be beginning out online tarot course September 27th.  The wonderful thing about this course is that you can either pay per card or for the whole course.  That way if you just need to brush up on a few cards, you just purchase those.  We will be releasing one card and podcast per week.

We have a Divining, Mediumship and Automatic Writing Workshop coming up on Halloween weekend, ending on All Hallows Eve.  Come to the workshop and Sunday afternoon we will be hosting a special after workshop circle dedicated to the ancestors as well as Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.  Dress for the evening, I know I'll be.

I have also started blogging about witchery, spirit animals, mediumship etc on the Beneath the Half Moon tumblr.  Feel free to follow us.  All my entries are tagged with my name and signed Mistress of Magic.

Also there have been a few changes with my own readings.  I'll still be doing them but they are now under Beneath the Half Moon with set prices.  I do offer readings with the former prices but they are online only, either through chat or email.  Price changes can be found in the tarot section of this website or by clicking here.  I am currently booking for Fall.

Me & Shahriar Shadab on our impromptu gypsy shoot talking tarot

Also there are some new items for sale in my etsy shop, including Lady Luck & La Gitana candles and spell kit.  Click the image to get to the store.


Dreams are Real 038: We Hide in Secret 

We ran away to a hidden garden.  We picnicked in the shade of overgrown brush.  We left with mulberry stained hands and dirt covered feet.  We were a tribe reconnected.

These are a few images from a new project I'm working on called NY Stories.  Each photo set takes place in a different location with a different partner in crime and a different photographer.  I woke up one morning wanting to bring typewriters into a forest, wanting to abandon all technology and just type.  I wanted the click tap click of something that was symbolic. 

Veronika von Volkolva took the train from Canada and met me at my door.  I had not even told her the complete idea yet.  We ate dinner at a Greek restaurant and came home to talk endlessly of art and science and music and movement. 

The next morning we back up choice berries, and various meats and cheeses with fresh baked bread and journeyed to the garden.  Shahriar Shadab would meet us there at two.  "You see," I told her. "He and I met in passing, it was winter and we said, we would have to talk again.  Months passed and nothing and then one magical night we reunited, reading tarot, and talking about dreams until the wee hours of the morning.  Real partnerships are made when you ride the merry go round together sharing cigars. He's going to be my Knight of Swords."



En Gypsy Couture 08: Lagniappe

I first heard of lagniappe from a woman who lived in New Orleans.  Lagniape is a little something extra to make your day special.  For example if you were at the market and picked up a few things for gumbo, the cashier might throw in an onion and say "Lagniappe."  It's a special gift to make the meal complete.  My life is full of little things to make it complete.  This week was no different.  It's been a rough one but these few gifts and events has made it much more bearable.  Venus and Mercury are in my Sun sign Taurus, and Aries, the sign we're in now, is my Venus so I'm thinking the universe is going to throw a little love and sunshine my way. "Lagniappe."

The little gem on the left arrived last week.  It's 4 x 5" and sits on my dresser.  Oh how I love Dame Darcy.  The book on the right has been one I have been talking about for quite some time.  My first year in New York I was absolutely obsessed with it.  I took it out of the library every couple of weeks and pored over it.  Just recently I was thinking of purchasing it again.  I was reading tarot for my Russian Gypsy twin and drinking red wine.  It was one of those nights where you walk along battery park breathing in the warm air and end up at the Ritz Carlton for drinks.  Pure magic if I ever saw it.  She told me she had something for me, that it was me, through and through.  She pulled out Kiki's Paris.  I nearly jumped.  This world has a very funny way of bringing people and things together.  It's downright charmed at times.

My beautiful friend Molly Crabapple did these wonderful sketches of me which can be seen at Max's Kansas City.  They may also show up later this year on the Dirtee Hollywood t-shirt line.

 The ravishing Veronika von Volkova paid me a visit as well.  We had a splendid evening of photography and grapes.  Her renditions of the photographs are absolutely stunning. We took the photographs together (except the ones of just me) and edited them seperately.  Mine will almost always look grainy and aged. Thank you to my friend Warren Ellis for bringing us Whitechapel, which I am convinced is the nexus of the universe.

This was taken behind the scenes at the Dolly Sister's shoot for the troops.  Bombshell Mandy is amazing and I would highly recommend her for any photos you need.  Her studio is absolutely wonderful as well and includes gorgeous handmade sets.  The Alice & Wonderland set will be up until the end of April.

And so this concludes the amazing week.  So much ahead of me in the upcoming weeks.  I am excited and truly inspired.  Gypsy Couture is creating your own unique life.

x to the o,