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The Caravan 021: Smile

It's been quite busy here in the caravan.  I'm currently staying in SoHo and working on a number of projects.  Most of them are writing but there will be a new tarot card up on the blog soon.  I'm also sketching up the rest.  It's all behind the scenes work at the moment.  In the meantime I thought I'd give you a little entertainment break.  Here's a few things that have made me smile in the past few days.

I just recieved my copies of ABEARICA's new spoken word album.  I'm on track number 3 reading my piece "The Shaman".  I really love what he's been doing and believe me when I tell you the packaging for it is absolutely amazing.  Mad love for ABEARICA.

Ridiculous self-portraits will always make me happy.

I decided to reply to the Henchbot using only pictures.  He replied back. It cracks me up. He also gives me really good nicknames like Wolfie and the Siren. 

I've been meaning to write about Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival since Sherene and I saw them a few weeks ago with Puscifer.  You just can't be sad while listening to Brother Ed and Brother Ant talk about redemption, the Devil being a crybaby, and how to get to heaven by buying their album.  Check out their webpage here.  Brother Ed was gracious enough to pose for a blurry picture with us (this is the sign of heavy demon activity) and to exorcise me of my own personal demons as pictured above.  It is true.  I do not lie when I tell you this.


x to the o,