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Pimp My Artwork 045: Two of Wands

The Two of Wands has always been a magical card, and right from the start this deck magic was afoot.  You see as I paint each card I live it.  The winds change, clouds roll in and storms brew.  Stepping into this deck is like stepping into another world.  When I met Gabby I was in the midst of this very process.  I was creating a world I wanted to live in.  Gabby and I discussed this at length over brunch.  You see, she was doing the same. So I did what any logical young woman would do, I threw a party.  I invited other performers and made it a networking event.  Gabby Young and Kim Boekbinder were my guests of honor.  Many of those guests are in the deck.  And so the spell was cast...

Gabby is an incredible vocalist and all around powerhouse.  She has consistently taken the steps to reach her goals and does so with grace, beauty, and an all around fabulous fashion sense.

The Two of wands is about confidence.  It's about controlling a situation throughmaking choices that will  create balance, integration,and harmony. This is not a fast working card.  It is a card of eventual success through hard work and believing in oneself. 

The wands cards also brought about a new energy as well.  As I was making the sketch for the Ace of Wands Sxip suggested I might use his Father's photos.  I had been painting a lot of botanicals and was constantly searching for the right ones.  Often I would spend hours trying to fit the right flower with the right person.  Jim Shirey has a way of capturing a flower's essence or spirit, some of these flowers as tiny as your pinky nail.  We talked a little about this when I met him back in May.  Jim's incredible photos come from a strong relationship with the land.  A small speck or a little flash of color will catch his eye and instantly he is drawn in and setting up to capture a moment with that flower.  I get the feeling the way I fall in love with the people I'm painting is the way he feels about the flowers he is photographing.  Our methods compliment each other.  It made absolute sense.  Jim's photos are a lot more detailed than my paintings of them, which is why I'm showing them to you here.  They need to be seen as the works of art they are on their own.  I am deeply grateful he has allowed me to use them for the deck.

I don't have all the back stories on these but I will post them as I get them.  This little one is lobelia spicata

Penstemon digitalis: there are five stamens, one of which is sterile and lies right along the bottom of the flower. it has hairy spikes along it, and in don't know what it is there for other than to help bees. the ornamental foxgloves don't have this feature. although they have prettier colors, the lack of the "beardtongue" makes them a tad boring.

(That's directly from Jim)

I'm not sure what these darlings are called but their unique coloring reminded me of the glorious fashion sense Gabby has.