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Killin' It 028: Lilith Burning

During my stay in England, I had the pleasure of working with Dan Holloway on a project sponsored by OVADA , Albion Beatnik Bookstore, and The Project Room in Oxford.  This was my first time in Oxford and I was happy to be working on this project.  There has been a rise in interest in Lilith as of late, especially within the UK.  So when Dan proposed we do a project based on the perceptions of Lilith I said yes.  Daisy Anne Gree has been touching on aspects of Lilith with Leviathan. Dan has captured the dark sexuality of Lilith in his Skin Book, and my book Blood and Pudding discusses aspects of sexuality, freedom, grieving, and deception, through my own teenage words and experiences. 

I brought along my clothing and plenty of makeup and the process began.  Dan and I soon discovered that when you plan a project for Lilith it almost always goes, not in the direction you thought, but in the exact opposite.  Our preliminary plans were long gone by the time we walked out the door.  We hit the streets, me in full Lilith regalia and began documenting people's reactions to me as Lilith.  The people shown in the photos were all willing participants.  England has certain photography laws we had to go by, so we couldn't photograph just anyone walking by.  The people who chose to participate were very open minded and genuinely interested.  We found that those referring to themselves as outsiders were the most accepting of the project.  Maybe drawn to it in a way.

We took the photos, printed them and started on our project, placing each one into a designated freezer bag, as if a scientific specimen and pinned them to a white cloth, writing only a few sentences on what was percieved.  Later in the day we brought it to the Albion Beatnik Bookstore where our reading would take place.  The reading went magically, even inspiring one of our audience members to write his own work and read it.  I was lovin' it.  More images can be seen on the Knickerbocker Circus Event Photos page.

Special thanks to Dan Holloway from Year Zero Writers, Dennis at Albion Beatnik Bookstore, Mick and Caty from Tigerlily, Videosyncratic, The Ballroom, The Big Issue, The Authentic Skate Shop, and to the good people at The Project Room and OVADA.