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Dreams Are Real 04: The Symbel 

A little ritual to see how far you've come in one years time.  It makes you grateful for what you have and what your striving for.

Dedication Round:

I dedicate 2010 to Oshun.  Orisha of beauty, love,money, creativity, and art.  That's what I want this year.  No more drama, just a lot of creativity, beauty, and love.  Oh yes, and money would be really nice.  I would like some money too.  Oh don't give me that look.  You'd like some money too.


Bragging Round:

-Constellation went to print.  We've had some amazing people grace our covers and I am so super excited for what the next year will bring!  Thank you to Molly Crabapple, Jeniviva D'espinet, Lenora Claire, Reverend Billy, Amanda Palmer, and Dame Darcy!  2010 brings our fabulous one year in print cover which will be the glorious Jill Tracy!

Also met Betsey Johnson and went to her birthday party where she said that I had a great sence of style!  That made my year right there.

-Started Knickerbocker Circus Publishing with Emily Poole and Drusilla Osborne.  We signed our first authors Eric Nelson and Anya Kless and published our first book They Be We.  We'll have at least 3 new titles coming out within the next year including my own memoir. It's a scary step for me as I wasn't sure if I even wanted it to come out but necessary.  We also held our first social experiment by bringing typewriters into the Mars Bar.

-The Gallery shows have been non-stop this year with more to come next year.  Anno Domini, Behr-Thyssen, Museum of Contemporary Art DC, Soulard Art Market, Laconia Gallery, Antena Gallery, MODA, Chicago Art Source Gallery, and Gallery 5 (twice)

-Beneath the Half Moon was born this year and our classes have already started.  It's amazing to teach courses with my partner in all things spiritual, Sherene Schostak.  Super excited to be writing the manual for the book and working with so many wonderful, brilliant people.

-Attended so many amazing events and met so many wonderful people, The sex bloggers calendar release party, vintage belly dance, Life Inc/Smith Mag party, The Radar Party, 50 Cent, Ron English opening dressed as cathy cowgirl, Royal Flush film festival and party, Bob Coulter's fabulous birthday party, and so many more but my brain is overloaded at the moment.

-Went through a tremedous heart break and lived through it. There were many sad factors in this. Out of it though was the best rebound gift ever.  My Hollywood super dream crush of many years asked me out.  He lives in LA.  It didn't work out but it was really nice to know that he liked me too. He directed and acted in my favorite film ever.  I owe huge thank you's to Warren, Lenora, my housemate,Sherene, Kathleen, and everyone who reached out to me at that time.  I love you.

-Joining wonderful collectives like Swimming Cities & The Blood Dumpster.

-Seeing my friends get movie deals, mega press, and all the attention they deserve because they are brilliant.  I'm really blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people I call friends.

-Seeing productions like American Tea Opera and Lonesome Liz's Mojo Sideshow go from ideas to shows.  I'm really happy to have played a part in it.  I also saw Francesco D'Isa (Pornsaints) launch a clothing line.

-Worked with some awesome photographers like Joseph W. Carey (Stark-Arts) and Vlad Kenner, not to mention the wonderful photographers associated with the Dolly Sisters pinup group.  I also met Mockingbird Girl this year who is the most wonderful person in the world.

-Launched this website.


Oath Round:

This year I'm working on being more organized and creating as much as possible.

Lowering the salt and sugar intake.

Getting my tarot deck published.

Traveling to the UK in May for business and pleasure.

There's a lot of good things already forming.  Seeds have been planted and I await the little sprouts.  Some have already been sprouting.  I feel good things for 2010 even if it is a lunar eclipse during Merc and Mars retrograde.


I'll try to post a year in pictures but my schedule is a little packed right now.  Thank you to everyone, my family, my fans, my friends, I love you all.

x to the o,


Feel free to share your own Symbel's with me.  You can either comment here, leave a link to your blog, or email me privately at