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Dreams Are Real 010: Travel Diary - The Village

I'm painting away tonight and will have some new work up soon.  Until then here's a bit more from my travels.

I've become fascinated with the addresses of small villages in England.  My friend Sheryl's has three 'nears' in the address itself.  So to make it simple I will call it Orton.

From the first time I set foot in the Village I knew its roads.  Sheryl laughed at me as I cut ahead of her leading her down the streets she had lived for so many years.  It's a village that keeps to itself.  It's not the people who decide who comes into the village but the land.  Our favorite haunt, which is said to be haunted itself is the Ramblewood which was once the home of the Marquesses of Huntly.  The Ramblewood pub was formerly the stable.  The village itself is not easily accessible, you have to walk through the forest and through the Redwoods, be aware of the Giant Hogweed, which apparently resembles Cow Parsely, whatever that is, and past the wall where the monks used to pray.  There is also a field that during WWII was a common place to dig for victory.  I took a few pictures of the village and hopefully when I am not so tired will be able to write more about it.

Sheryl gave me this plaque for my birthday.  A gift from beyond one could say and made me a gorgeous dress which I will post soon.

Atchin Tan means stopping place in Romani.  In Holly speak "It's only temporary."