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Paramicha 06: Playlist of Champions 01- Matt Watts

So I'm starting something new here.  In order to broaden my musical tastes, and find out what music is inspiring others, I'm asking fellow creatives to share their current playlists.  First up is my uber talented and awesome friend Matt Watts who you probably know from The Starting Line.  Matt was kind enough to share what he's currently listening to and I can honestly say I love every song, especially when he said anything by The Radio Dept and The Limousines.  I added Gaslight Anthem as well, since Matt is the one that introduced me to them.  I also must apologize for the weird version of "Yours to Fear" by the Sharks.  It was the only version of the song I could find.  That weird scratching you hear in the backround is chalk on concrete and then skateboard.  Fake Problems is also playing Radio City is Sept.  Congrats to them as they just got signed. And below is a nice picture of Matt.  I have no idea who took it, so if you are the photographer or you know who took it please let me know so I can credit you.

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