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Dreams Are Real 011: Tales Of A Gypsy

While traveling through London, I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Mead. There are a few photographers that once you get into that space, you just click.  Every shot comes out better than the last and by the time the session is over, you know you have more than just one great shot.  Below are two photographs of two aspects of my life.  The Gypsy in my fortune teller shrug by Voodoo Lounge and dress by Stop Staring and the pinup Queen. For more of Jeff's photos please take a look at my modeling page.

Every once in a while the wind will blow a certain way and I'm brought back to another time.  Last night as the rain broke the heat of the summer, I was reminded of a time back in Massachusettes.  Summers in MA can vary from hot and humid to cool and breezy.  It just so happened there was a full moon that particular night and quite possibly a chance of rain.  Holly and I crept out late with bowls of water and sponges.  It has been said if you bathe outside in the light of a full moon, and no cloud passes beauty will come to you.  As an ackward overweight thirteen year old with buck teeth, frizzy red hair, and freckles, this was a dream.  We took our bowls out and began to wash in the back yard beneath the moonlight.  I prayed to the moon and sky that the clouds would not pass over it.  I needed this.  The next morning we woke early before the sun could dry the fresh dew on the ground.  There is an old spell that states if you wash your face with the dew of the morning, your skin will radiate with the beauty of nature and will always stay youthful.  Holly and I spent a lot of time doing these spells.  But spells have a way of working on their own time, or maybe I just grew into my features or maybe I just grew into me.  As we grow older and begin to define ourselves as individuals, the things that make us feel good are what brings the beauty to our lives.  I come from a long line of Mystics and Gamblers.  My heritage makes me feel rich, wearing charms, and feeling the wind rush through my hair makes me feel immortal. 

Last night I took out a deck my rep had sent me. I don't normally use this one but it seemed apprpriate. One card kept falling out over and over.

This chakra is located two fingers below your navel.  It relates to your desires, emotions, and creativity.  The great message of this card is to embrace yourself, your sexuality, creativity, and to alway remember you do matter. 

This card is from the The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland