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Killin' It 064: The Notwork

All this week, Nov 14-19 from 8-10am on the L train from Morgan Ave to 8th Ave, there will be a pirate Wifi intranet known as the Notwork.

My art appeared yesterday along with some writing. Basically Mark Krawczuk, Matthew McGregor-Mento, Melissa Dowell, and Robin Grearson are all super geniuses and making incredible things.

If you’re in NYC and happen to be riding the L train, head to the rear two cars, get out your smart phone and hop onto the Notwork. Along with art, there’s poetry and prose to read, news feeds, a chat room and more. It’s an utterly fantastic project that should really be experienced. They use tiny, battery powered webservers to broadcast their signal, carried invisibly by their team. Once the project is over, they’ll put the source code onto Github for anyone to utilize.

Want to see the official press release? Yeah go here. It's awesome.