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Pimp My Artwork 038: Full Moon in Libra Brings Two Cards

It's a full moon in libra so what better thing to do that give you two tarot cards and few spells.  They can be done even after the full moon.  So what is the energy for the next two weeks?  Well it's all about balance.  It's time to regroup and take hold of your emotions.  In order to find harmony you must go within.  The moon card teaches us to do just that.  Modeled after good friend Jill Tracy.  This card was started on during the waning moon and finished right before the full moon.  A cycle indeed.

The moon card means going within, listening to those dark dreams that call out to you.  It also represents mad genius.  With Neptune in Pisces and the Moon being a card all about Pisces, it's time to go deep.  Instead of wallowing in darkness, let the moon guide you, let that creative energy flow and tap into places you've never gone before.  The Moon signifies great creativity, enhanced psychic powers, and visions. Your judgment may not always be trustworthy, but you will have intuitive flashes that are remarkably accurate.  It's an excellent time to take note of dreams.

I started this card during the waning moon and quickly fell under it's spell.  The moon you see can cause madness but it also teaches you to trust your intuition, and boy did it teach me that. 

A Simple Cleansing Solution:

Take sea salt, lavender, and rosemary.  Mix together to create a scrub.  Use in the shower to gain clarity and cleanse away and negativity.

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Choices, choices, choices.  The lovers represent somebody or something that truly just crashed your world.  You want it so much but at the same time, you've had what you thought was a clear path.  It's a risk if you choose to follow what your heart is telling you, and yet this card is not about emotion.  It is about the psyche, the connection, and the messages you are about to receive.

It is about something that speaks to you, that you "know" and recognize as your other half or mirror image, and which makes you feel harmonically balanced or complete.  Your friends and family may think you're crazy for falling so quickly.  Now remember this card is not always a person, it could be a piece of land, an instrument, or a piece of art. 

Yet you can say "no" to this attraction. You do have that choice. If, however, you don't allow yourself to try and make this person, career, challenge or thing a part of your life, you may regret it, profoundly and forever. -Aeclectic Tarot

The Love Pendulum

The pendulum can be used for many things including finding lost items and communicating with spirits.  If you find yourself in a "Lovers" type situation and like to know if this person or thing is right then here's the spell.  Take a ring that has sentimental value. Suspend it on red silk thread or ribbon. if you have anything that has a direct connection with the person place it on the table or floor in front of you.  It can be a picture, a note, and article of clothing etc.  Place the pendulum over the picture and visualize that person and all the positive and negative qualities.  Then say:

Av, mi Romani mal

Pawdel dur chumbas

Av kitane' mansa?

This is roughly translated to "Come my Gypsy friend, over the hills and so far away.  Will you come along with me?"

Repeat this 3 times.  The pendulum will begin to swing.  If it swings back and forth it is a yes.  If it swings side to side, that is a no.  Clockwise, yes and counterclockwise, no.

(I found this spell in a journal I had as a teenager.  I'm not sure where it comes from but once I find out I'll give credit where credit is due.)


You will need:

7 small white candles

An oil mix of rose (love), lavender (peace and tranquility), verbena (cleansing), and laurel/bay leaves (protection)

(You can also mix these herbs together and place them into an oil base for candle dressing)

white flowers

Something to carve the candles with. If you do not want to carve 7 candles you can get a 7 day candle available at most grocery stores.

A white cloth

3 pennies

Cleanse yourself with the lavender, rosemary and sea salt scrub in the recipe above.  After you have cleansed, create a small sacred space where you can work and not be disturbed.  Place the white cloth on the sacred space and lay your candles or 7 day candle out.  Place your hands on them and visualize everything you'd like to be uncrossed.  Really spend time focusing and put your energy into the candle/s.

Take the herbs and oil or just oils and mix them together creating a blend.   Take the property that you need most, lets say cleansing and use that as your base oil or herb, then add the others accordingly until you have a good blend.  Place your hands over the oils and chant from your heart.  You can even sing, talk to the oil or hum.  Whatever feels right and allows you to connect. 

When you are ready take the candles and your tool to carve them.  If you are using a 7 day candle you can use a sharpie marker to write on it or a blank piece of paper and pen.  Carve your intentions into the candle, It doesn't matter if it overlaps or gets messy, let your mind be free of those things and allow them to come out on the candle.  If you are carving all 7 you can either do them all at once or day by day.  When you are finished writing, take the oil in your left hand and rub from the halway point first up and then down.  If you are using a 7 day candle, pour a little of the liquid into the candle and with a screwdriver or a nail poke holes into the wax to let the oil seep in. Blow on the candles 3 times.

When you are finished once again hold the candle and light it.  Sit with the candle and visualize your life being free from the things that hold you back and cross you.  Chant, sing, whisper, do whatever you need to raise power and feel connected.  When you are finished take a deep breath and feel your body release any negativity. Take the flowers and place them by the candle/s creating a peaceful place for your magic to work.

For 7 days cleanse youself with the rosemary, sea salt, and lavender and spend time buy the candle breathing and visualizing your body being unblocked and your roads opening.  At the end of the 7 days throw out the flowers.  If you used the 7 day candle put it into a plastic bag and break the glass then throw it out. 

Take three pennies and go to the crossroads.  Leave them at the crossroads to open your road.