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Pimp My Artwork 036: The Magician

Sit down while I tell you a story. A story of spirits, and sage, and tarot. We're deep into week two of Project 40 and well, the spirits have been talking.  Oh have they been talking.

A dream:

Covered in mardi gras beads skeletons danced around me singing, "He didn't go to the crossroads or the water, oh no it was on that stage that he conjured Eleggua's daughter."

I woke up from the dream baffled.  I don't usually have dreams about dancing skeletons or mardi gras beads.  But it was the day after mardi gras and well, perhaps the night was still lingering. But something was seeping in, something much greater. And of course, Eleggua is the king of the storytelling.

Have you ever woken up with such a need to create that you couldn't sleep? Have you ever been so consumed that all you can do is work? I woke up that morning on fire, something was pushing me to work on the deck.  I had done an intense crown chakra meditation the night before.  It pulled me out of my head and into the violet swirling around.  It was startling and intense, yet at the same time incredibly calming.  It opened something.  I sat down, lit some sage, and started to pull references. 

Sometimes the cards create themselves.  It's happened once before with the Five of Coins and I can tell you right now, what happens is pure magic. As I gathered images and started to layer, something went terribly wrong.  The card, while others liked it was not what it wanted to be.  I turned it upside down and swore I'd let it create itself in the morning.  Now don't get me wrong, the Magician has always been Sxip Shirey. Sxip is a brilliant storyteller and musician. He is the embodiment of the Magician.  From the moment I picked up my paint brush it was his card, but the strokes were all wrong, the colors too bright.  The next morning, I began to piece together what would become my final Magician card. 

“In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen.” -William S. Burroughs

 But something else was happening too.  I've talked about it before. Each time I paint someone I fall in love with that person for the duration of the painting.  You have to in order to capture what makes them truly them.  You become drawn into their features, their quirks until you eventually see that spark. And that's where a portrait starts...

That night we were listening to Feloche, The Outlaw and I sat on the floor furiously dipping brushes into paint.  She was painting wands, one black, one red, Legba's colors.  And I was falling deeper and deeper into my painting.  "Dr John Gris Gris" played in the background. Sxip recently informed me he played harmonica on the piece. The song ended and all was quiet for a few moments.  Now if you know the song, you know Dr. John was a conjurin' right in the middle of it.  Sends chills right down my spine when I hear it, calling on the Orishas, and bringing up my main man in Voodoo Baron Samedi.  Oh we were tipsy, and by tipsy you know I mean two headed. (Tipsy means tapped in spiritually, as does two-headed.) Well right as I mentioned something about Eleggua, tell me how that song came back on? Well, here's the thing.  It would be one thing if it turned itself on and played from the beginning but no, that song came back on right at the point of Dr. John conjurin'.  Oh boy did I scream.  The Outlaw laughed and said, "You did it!" And we went on right back to painting.  I finished the card in one evening and went right to bed.

The next morning, looking at the card I knew the entire deck was changing.  It had taken on a new life and transformed itself into what it wanted to be.  For anyone who doesn't know what the Magician signifies here's a short interpretation.

The Magician  is the male power of creation by willpower and desire. The infinity symbol over his head indicates the energy of thought. Thus, he draws divine power down from the heavens and molds it with that energy of thought, and makes it manifest on Earth (his finger pointing to the ground). This is that most ancient magic to make real whatever he imagines in his head merely by saying it aloud. ("And God said 'Let there be Light!' and there was Light"). - Aeclectic tarot


Yek, dui, trin                      One, two, three

Yek, dui, trin                      One, two, three

Kushti bok                         Good luck

Muk les si                          Let it be so

Ta jel 'sa Duvvel                And go with God


And this little Gypsy bids you a good night and a good luck spell.  She's got to go get tipsy.


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