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Pimp My Artwork 039: The Beginning & The End

I recently had a conversation with someone about The Fool card.  That conversation played back in my mind as the first strokes of paint went down on the paper.  The Fool is 0 in the deck.  All journeys start with The Fool.  That reckless abandonment and lust for life.  The Fool goes in with childlike wonder and not a care in the world.  The journey both begins and ends with him. 

In my own life, if it wasn't for Orien McNeill, this deck probably wouldn't exist.  It was those early days of bohemian life that threw me into the idea of creating a deck.  I used to tell him he had Coyote energy, that trickster side, that keeps you young and wild.  Of course, as I started painting the card I realised there was so much more.  Many of you know I am a child of Eleggua.  Now Eleggua is the Orisha of the crossroads, of fortune and misfortune, trickery, and faith.  Every ceremony must start with him, as he holds the key.  As much as this is the card of new journeys and childlike wonder, it's also a card of fate. 

Orien was one of the first people I met coming to NYC.  He brought me into his world and gave me some of the best and worst experiences of my life.  He's one of my best friends and has taught me a lot about myself.  I owe him one.

The World card carries special meaning for me.  At card 21 it marks the end of the Fool's journey.  It marks completion and fulfillment of wishes through hard work.  Now there's one person I can think that embodies this card.  Molly Crabapple is truly a ray of light in this world.  Upon meeting her, my world changed as well. Where as Orien made me realize a dream, Molly encouraged me to actualize it.

The World card denotes becoming a master at what you do.  You've been down the path and you understand it well.  You are no longer the student, but the master.  It suggests travelling.  The world is your oyster with this card by your side.  Expect gifts, the universe has spoken.  The success earned is well deserved.