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How To 07: Feeding Your Soul, Finding Aspirations

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, I have no idea what I've done this whole week.  I know from photographic evidence, that I helped throw a party, and my tweets are referencing a certain Miss Kim Boekbinder and Jim Batt staying with me at the caravan.  I'm also fairly certain I had a magical night of tarot and wine with Sherene Schostak as we discussed the future of BTHM and Constellation.  My orange moleskin swears I've been to Pratt lecturing, and my text messages have been implying I stay up late creating secret collectives with my housemate with fancy names and strange guises.

Laura McLaws Helms and Myself

Last week I co-hosted Constellation's birthday party at Tacombi with Sherene.  I like to think of myself as a bit of a hermit, but what I'm finding more and more is my interactions with people I love, is what really feeds my soul. 

Me, Yelena Yeretzky, and Sherene Schostak

Dario Wolos (owner of Tacombi), Sherene & Stefania Pia

 For more images from the party click here

My housemate recently introduced me to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  It was instant love.  The song below is exactly what I want my life to feel like. The song embodies a certain carefree attitude that is so important in the creative process.  I can't tell you how many times I've done crits and the work in the sketchbook is magnetic and spontanious, yet the finished product is too tight and unharmonious.  It happens in my own work as well.  Sometimes, no matter what we are doing, we need to shut off the part of our brains that says, "It needs to be done like this."  So when you need a quick shutdown and recharge, I suggest a five minute dance party.

From The Magnetic Zeros to an impromptu photo shoot.  My housemate and I created this image.  We laughed hysterically until 2 a.m.  There have been many a night like this in the caravan and frankly I wouldn't have it any other way.  There's nothing like silly creative nights in your own home.  Grab a camera, some watercolors, charcoal, or even some crayons and just run wild.  The whole point is to not think, just do.  It'll break a block like a charm.

As you create more, you begin to find what you are good at and where you should hone in.  I like to keep a notebook of everything that inspires me and the aspirations I have because of it.