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Dreams Are Real 03: 50 Cent 

Ever have those moments that make you feel like everything is falling into place?  Last night was a private 50 Cent show in the PC Richards & Son theater in Tribecca.  Special thanks to Tet who invited us and was filmed the event beautifully, as well as taking swell iphone photos.  Sherene and I tried to take some iphone footage as well as well but we were so close to the stage & sound system it just sounds like a jumbled mess. We can also only take photos that end in blurr.  We are special like that.  It's all about mood right? And if you are wondering, the camera does not do 50 justice.  That man has a sparkle in his eye that can only be truly appreciated up close and in person.  He glows & is so charming.  I love my life right now, and I am so appreciative of my friends and all the people who make this crazy dream of a life a reality.  I love you!  We'll post more on the Constellation blog once I get into MA.  Happy Holidays mis amigos.

50 before the show.  Tet's photo, I just poladroided it.

The mirror in back.