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Crosses Palm With Silver 028: Summer Sale

Summer is here and I need to make space in the Caravan.  I have some originals up on etsy for very reasonable prices and of course I am always available for tarot readings. Click the image to be taken to my etsy store.

I have a few copies of my book Blood & Pudding with the original cover left.  In a few months B&P will be reissued with a new cover as a part of new project.  You can purchase them through etsy or by clicking the paypal button here.  There is a dropdown menu for different options.


B&P Sale


I'm also releasing a few household items into the wild.  They can be found by clicking the images.



Crosses Palm with Silver 018: New Arrivals on Etsy

With all these eclipses I thought it might be nice time to clean out the storage space.  And what lovely things I did find.  Feel free to take a gander. Click the image to travel to the shop.

On another note more orders of the book have been shipped.  Thank you for all your support.  It means the world to me.

Blood and Pudding is a celebration of life and all that means. It deals with tragedy and fragility, using little more than the words of Katelan and her teenage best friend Holly, which Katelan obsessively recorded on their adventures. One of THE great accounts of teenage life. Best release of 2010 so far.


-Dan Holloway Eight Cuts