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Pimp My Artwork 078: All The Pretty Things

It's been a busy month for me here at the Secret Strega House. The "Zombie" opening at Last Rites was incredible. And now I'm on to three new exciting projects. More will be revealed as time goes on.  I just finished the maquette for one of the "Snow on the Roses" altars. Now onto bigger life size altars, yes darlings, it's time for me to expand. The recent eclipses brought many endings but many more opportunities. I'm curious to see how it all unfolds. Below is a video of the altar. Please pardon it's appearance.

This is the back of the altar. You can't see it but often I find it's important to finish a piece fully, no matter what is seen or unseen.

I've also been working on custom pieces. This is a box I did for Chelsea G. Summer's mother for her 70th birthday. It was really amazing to paint and I loved every moment.

And last but not least I did a piece for SHERBET a fantastic comic both online and in book for. Click the link and follow on tumblr for more updates. I used my friend Robin LeBlanc as my model for Sherbet.



Pimp My Artwork 072: The Process of Snow on the Roses

New work is being produced here at the secret strega house.  I'll be documenting via instagram.  If you're on it look me up @katelanfoisy.  You can also follow me on twitter for updates by the same handle.



Pimp My Artwork 066: Embossed Frames 

While wandering around the interwebs the other day I found this tutorial for making embossed frames.  They are super easy to make and perfect for framing the facial studies on Snow on the Roses. Click the in progress shot below to be taken to the tutorial.


Pimp My Artwork 065: Snow on the Roses Study #2

Study of the lovely Julia Jackson.  Click the photo to see the blog.


Pimp My Artwork 063: Snow on the Roses

Introducing a new series called "Snow on the Roses".  This series on women and addictions.  I took five women including myself and plan to share the entire process of creating a series, studies, sketches, notes, etc and creating a large interactive installation.  I will be blogging about it on the Dangerous Combinations tumblr.