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The Caravan 035: Jason Silva Interviews Barry Ptolemy

The Singularity seems to be popping up quite frequently in the news these days.  TIME magazine just  put out an article on Ray Kurzweil. Barry Ptolemy is releasing his film Transcendent Man spring of this year and there have been numerous discussions around the web including Robin Hanson's talk on technological singularity featured on the Library of Economics and Liberty site.

My friend Jason Silva recently sat down with Barry Ptolemy for a meeting of the minds where they explore the idea of merging biologies with technology, exponential growth, and the evolution of evolution.  Ptolemy's Transcendent Man follows the ideas of Ray Kurzweil, futurist, inventor, and author of The Singularity Is Near.  The film features discussions and commentary with Ray Kurzweil, Colin Powell, William Shatner, and Stevie Wonder as well as many others within the scientific and political communities.

Meeting of the minds with Transcendent Man director Barry Ptolemy from jason silva on Vimeo.