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How To 010: How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Happy 2012!  With just one day under it's belt 2012 has already begun to be awesome.  I divided my time between two parties, one a small gathering of uber talented people in a midtown flat and the other an all girl party at Molly Crabapple's filled with smart, talented, gorgeous women who I am so honored to call friends.  We toasted with champagne at midnight as Occupy Wall Street marched down the street below. History in the making.  We all sat around glasses half full with our tallest high heels talking about what we wanted to accomplish in the next year.  While 2011 was a lot about self reflection, friendships, and figuring out what I really wanted 2012 seems to be about taking it to the next level and just going for it.  No fear in 2012.  We let go of so much in 2011, take it in in 2012.

I figured this year I would publicly share my resolutions.  

1. Take my career to the next level.  What does this mean? Well, more press, more shows, not holding back when I want to do a huge project and not limiting myself.  I have a lot of good ideas, they just need to be put out there.  Applying for grants, selling prints, being more active on social networks, and producing as much work as humanly possible.

2. While I intend to be more active on social networks, this does not mean refreshing twitter 20 times a day.  After assessing my time management I realized a lot of the day gets lost in the internets and not all in research.  So limiting my time refreshing and checking email is pertinent to my productivity.

3. Getting out of debt.  Yep, part of taking my career to the next level is getting out of debt.  I went to art school for 4 years at $30,000 a year, sure I had scholarships and grants but I also had massive loans.  It adds up over the years.  Time to kick that debt goodbye and become that financially stable maven I always wanted to be.

4. Getting an office.  And by getting an office I mean setting up in a cafe for a few hours to write.  It's great to work from home but also there are many distractions there.  So when I'm writing I'm going to set up shop somewhere other than the bed or couch.  Plus a nice steaming cup of coffee or tea will totally get me moving in the right direction.

5. Making a wishlist of people I want to work with and sticking to it.  So many photographers and dream publications, companies to contact.

6. Paid to travel.  This is one I have no idea how to do but I'm going for it. 

7. On a health note releasing the idea that I have to lose weight and get toned instead. Also drink more water.

8. Projects I plan on finishing: The tarot, self promotion book, series of stories based on dresses, possibly an attempt at a comic.  

Sticking to your resolutions can be complicated if you don't know where to start.  Here's a few tips.

1. Don't go crazy with the resolutions.  Pick a few things you know you can keep.  You can add more as you go along.

2. Get a planner or use the calendar in your phone.  Get organized.  The more you are aware of what's going on, where you have to be, and what you have to do the more you can accomplish.  Plus you won't feel like you are always trying to remember what you are doing.

3. Eliminate unnecessary feeds, twitter follows, emails, and facebook friends.  I seriously just deleted 4,000 + emails.  Feels good.  I'll also be trimming down my twitter feed.

4. Clean out your purse or wallet, put last years receipts in a folder and get a fresh new start.

5. Day by day is the way to do it.  Don't try to cram everything you want into one day.  Make a schedule and take small steps to achieve your goals.  For example, you want to have your art featured in certain publications.  Take time everyday to either search appropriate publications or contact them.  Just one or two a day adds up over a year.  Baby steps, baby steps.

6. Eat better.  The best way to make sure you are getting things done is to make sure your body is getting properly fed.  I started doing this in 2011 and have been reaping the benefits ever since.  Exercise + healthy food is a win/win situation.

7. Clean your house and create a place for everything in it.  You'll feel better and your mind will feel less scattered.

8. Make a list of your resolutions and keep it either in a journal that you use often or post it up where you can see it. That way you can check things off as you achieve them.  Remember to simplify.

9. Think about yourself as a whole.  Does everything you do come together? If there's anything that doesn't quite fit in with the bigger picture get rid of it.  You can always go back later. Remember one day at a time. 

10. Be proactive. It's easy to get lazy or have our doubts take over.  Keep focussed and carry on every day.  Somedays will be more productive than other but keep open and you'll see it all start to come together.