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Killin' It 076: TRIP CITY, Escape Pod, & Dining with Strangers

I'm supre honored to be featured with beautiful friend Stoya in TRIP CITY's podcast.  Listen as Stoya talks about the sex industry and I talk about all things "La Gitana" and "Mistress of Magic". Click the image to be taken to the podcast.

I wrote piece on Grant Morrison and the magical world for Escape Pod Comics.  Check it out by clicking the image.

I'm also featured on the Dining with Strangers site.  Read the article, find out what I ate. Be amazed! Once again click the pic to be taken to the article.


Killin' It 057: ChinaShop & Hijacking Warren's Blog

My dear friend Molly Crabapple did an interview with me for ChinaShop.  Words cannot express how much I love that woman.  Click the pics to be taken to the link.

My other dear friend Warren let me hijack his website for a post.  I talk about characters, legends, and archetypes.  Warren is a God among men and you should all donate your organs to him. 


Knickerbocker Circus 012: Words with Jam & Filthy Gorgeous Things

Words with Jam did an excellent review of Blood and PuddingMany thanks to Mr. Dan Holloway.

Click the images to download the pdf.

And coming out on the same day is this hysterical interview Chelsea Summers and I did over wine. We talked emotions, channeling Bettie Page, jism, and kissing The Hedgehog. So if you aren't down with any of the above, this interview is not for you.  NSFW Click the pic to be taken to the interview.  Chelsea will also be reading one of her pieces at Red Umbrella Diaries tomorrow evening at Happy Endings.  Red Umbrella Diaries is hosted by the ever enchanting Audacia Ray.

I also wrote an article for Filthy Gorgeous Things.  I talk about exposing yourself as an writer, artist, etc.  Below is an excerpt.

"…there is a part of you that rips the flesh open, breaks a rib and says, "Look, here's my heart, touch it. You feel that? Yes, that's one hundred percent real blood pumping, go ahead and have a feel."


Killin' It 026: fiXE Mag & Musings from the Muse

There's nothing quite like spending a day with people you adore.  I feel that way whenever I pose for the decadent and lovely Molly Crabapple.  I also had the pleasure of meeting and being photographed by the ultra lovely and talented Lauren Goldberg who you may know as Fairytale Vegas.

Me posing while Molly draws me & Lauren documents from the side.

I also just did an interview with fiXE Magazine on pin-up and fetish modeling.  Some of the content on the site is NSFW.  You can read the interview by clicking the image above.


Killin' It 01: Lonesome Liz's Mojo Sideshow Promo

This nine minute clip of Lonesome Liz's Mojo Sideshow features my "Lonesome Liz as Faust" painting.  The Mojo Sideshow kicked off the first of many performances for Gallery 5's "Carnival of 5 Fires" in VA.