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Pimp My Artwork 011: What Goes In A Painting?

Took a couple reference shots last night for my new Pomba Gira painting.  I ended up using the face and arms and then using the body of an old photograph of me.  I usually take most of my reference shots myself.  A timer is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  This is still very much in progress and in the sketch phase.  Since I mainly do mixed media and collage I tend to make my sketches on the computers.  Print out different parts of the the sketches as well as the photos and collage them together leaving out certain parts to be drawn back in. Sometimes I will print out 6 or 7 different versions of the sketch at different sizes just so I can play around. I'll post more in progress shots as I go on but this is the basic first phase of a layout.I still haven't added the cigarette holder, the smoke & the bottles of alcohol but here are a few images of the reference shot, the inspiring images and the very early stages of the sketch.

We are in Mars retrograde right now which makes it hard to hold back.  Although it is a good time to speak your mind, it's a hard time to get projects rolling.  Basically the theme of a Mars retrograde is "Don't point that loaded gun at yourself".  Mars is a planet I feel very connected to.  My Mars is in Taurus and that's my rising sign as well.  What does it mean?  It means I'm a perfectionist.  Oh yes, a perfectionist indeed.  It also means I hold grudges, so ladies and gentlemen, do not get on my bad side.  Hahaha.  Mars is also Eleggua's (Orisha of the crossroads) planet as well as a planet associated with the sign Aries (which my Venus is in).  So I am very fond of Mars indeed.  I also like Mars Bars even though they have nothing to do with any of this.  I digress, Mars retrograde is the perfect time to work on the Pomba Gira.  Why?  Pomba Gira is associated with Mars as well.  In Brazilian Candomble she is the female counterpart to Eshu (along with Eleggua).  she in turn personifies female beauty, sexuality, and desire. Pomba Gira is viewed as a beautiful woman who is insatiable. She is venerated with great respect and care, as her her wrath can be firm and strong. Pomba Gira is often invoked by those who seek aid in love.  But don't go running off to work with the Pomba Gira just yet, as stated above her wrath can be devastating.  She is tit for tat and makes sure she collects what is owed to her.

And this is how a collage begins to get made.  I like to plan out ahead of time what will be done.  But sometimes, just sometimes the pieces create themselves.  I'm looking forward to adding the rest and tearing this baby up.

x to the o,