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Dreams Are Real 01: Roadside Divination

Here's a little game I like to play with myself.  Usually when walking home or to Socrates Sculpture Park, I'll find playing cards scattered on the ground.  Often I'll pocket the cards or if I'm in a rush make a mental note and that will be my divination for the day (sometimes the week).  Today upon coming home from the store I happened upon The 8 of diamonds and 10 of hearts.  Two steps further I ran into the 9 of spades and 6 of diamonds.  What does this mean? I'll tell you.

8 of diamonds: A karma card, the 8 of diamonds means the craft and skill I have been working at will soon become more profitable than it already is.  Go me!

10 of hearts: A completion card, it signifies there will be happiness in my home.  That's always a good thing, I'd say.

9 of spades: A fortune card.  Losses and worries (can be sleep, money, etc)  I have insomnia again.  *sigh*

6 of diamonds: A harmony card.  Help given at the right time will turn into wonderful opportunities.