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The Caravan 027: Shark?

This past Tuesday I met up with my friend Paul Cherashore to see a band we've both been obsessed with.  Paul is wonderful and full of great ideas.  He's the person who inspired the Knickerbocker Circus Social Experiment

See, that's Paul right there, second from the left. And well, he's got great taste in music.  So we agreed to meet up in Williamsburg and go.  Shark? is a band that once you hear them you just can't stop listening to, or in my case googling.  Luckily is my new favorite website so it didn't take that long.  Shark? has amazing energy live and is really one of the best up and coming bands out there.  So do yourself a favor and have a listen here.  Special thanks to Kevin for being super awesome.

Paul took this photo w/ his phone at Bruar Falls

He also took this one of me as black shadows rise out of my dress.

He also got me this t-shirt which I then proceeded to cut the collar off.  I'm not a fan of collars on shirts, but I sure am a fan of this.