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Dreams Are Real 016: Bohemian Nights

The moon was still in Pisces, the night before the Equinox.  Beautiful women gathered in my back garden, drank champagne, and ate pastries, all while under tiny little fairy lights.  It's all about decadence these days, and spending time with those that inspire you.  I'm working on a number of different paintings all at the same time, two of my friend Gabby Young, for her upcoming tour, one large personal piece, and a few inspired by vintage jazz posters for an upcoming event. Life is quite beautiful right now, painting by day and rich nights filled with wine, conversation, and good people.


En Gypsy Couture 012: Beautiful Things

It's been an amazing week my friends.  I celebrated my dear friend Molly Crabapple's birthday.

It was an enchanted evening of hookah, Chinese egg custards, champagne, and amazing people.  Pure love all around. Photos taken by Kate Black.

I was incredibly pleased to finally meet Gabby Young who is an wonderfully talented singer/songwriter.  We met up for brunch and danced down the streets of the East Village, dropping into thrift stores, and playing with junk food. It was an incredibly magical day of bohemian cafes, Chinese lanterns, mermaid fans, and sparkly butterflies.  Gabby will be playing Joes pub this Wed.  If you are in town definitely check her out.

 Gabby and I couldn't help but buy these adorable fans from Pearl River.  For only 45¢

I fell in love with the shell plates there, so Gabby got me one of my own.  The blue jay will one day make a nest in my hair.

I also got these gorgeous lanterns for the house.

Eleggua even got a small gift from our excurson.

Balthazar sent me this a few weeks ago.  It's full of secrets, the juicy ones that seduce you in the middle of the night. He will send you one too, just not with the same secrets.

Jon Norman recently presented me with this beauty on an outing.  Isn't it beautiful?

He also gave me these lovelies, along with a small piece of Day of the Dead art. Oh how I adore Dia de Los Muertos.

And last but not least, Molly gave me this stunning little number.  Below is a picture from the party with me in the dress.

It's been a gorgeously wonderful week my loves.  Filled with celebration, collaboration, and magic all around.  And just this morning I received a text from Mike Lala, who is recording in Michigan.  Looks like the new Falcorps album will be out soon.  The text said "Your voicemail is now in a song." I'm off to bed.  Make magic.

x to the o,