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Knickerbocker Circus 014: Pictures & Places

Blood and Pudding has a new home.  I visited Pages Coffee Bar last weekend and had a fantastic time meeting the owners Kate and Laurie as well as hanging with my sister.  So pop into Pages, have a cup of their incredible coffee and flip through B&P.  Only two signed copies left at the store.

And of course if you are in NYC on Sunday, pop into my book party at Bluestockings from 7-9. Facebook invite can be found here.

One should always wear skull shirts and red flowers when visiting a coffee bar.

On the other side of the book case there hides a secret lair.  There are many private spots to run off to.

My sister reads B&P.  She is also drinking a delicious, delicious caramel macchiato.

We had to take ours to go.