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Knickerbocker Circus 016: B&P's Northampton #1

I recently took a quick trip to Northampton, and by quick I mean, R. Krasnova and I were there for about an hour.  I wanted to show everyone the places where the book took place & maybe, just maybe read a few excerpts in those places.  We didn't have a tri-pod, nor a mic so the video is a bit low & shaky.  It works well with headphones though. 

Holly and I used to find secret places in Northampton.  Some of them were more secret then, than they are now. Over the bridge on Main St is a bike trail.  Sometimes we'd hide away and just sit.  Sometimes we'd just hide away.

B&P Noho Holly from Katelan Foisy on Vimeo.


Untitled from Katelan Foisy on Vimeo.


Photos by R. Krasnova