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Dreams Are Real 09: Travel Diary - Scotland

I'm back in the States, jetlagged, and sans haggis.  (I've actually never tried it.) The trip was wonderful.  I'll be blogging about it in a few different parts as there were many events and journies that took place while I was travelling.  It began in Scotland in beautiful Ayreshire where I was lucky enough to stay at the Moorpark House for a friends wedding.  The wedding was a dream, as is Scotland and I feel many more visits are in order.  Below is my favorite image from the weekend.  My housemate took it as I was taking notes on the upcoming events for the week.  There are certain places in this world that make you feel absolutely balanced, the UK is one of them. And now I will spend the evening piecing together images for my next painting.  It's one that I am absolutely excited about as it is for good friend Kim Boekbinder and involves a Gypsy caravan.  We all know that's where the magic truly happens.