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Dreams Are Real 036: I live in New York City

Today marked a special time in history for NYC.  Same sex marriage was legalized.  For the first time in a while I'm proud to be a New Yorker.  New York has been my home since 1997.  I spent the last of my teenage years dancing in Stonewall.  I get mad at New York a lot.  I get upset that CBGB's is now a high price clothing store, The Chelsea Hotel is being sold, and most of the streets have changed so much that I barely recognize them.  But tonight New York, you did damn good. 

Mike and I recently posted our last post for a few weeks on Lie & Indite (Link still NSFW).  In it Mike talks about us preparing for the next photographer Emily Poole

It’s going to be different. And exciting. And I hope you get to see a different side of what Katelan and I are doing and thinking in the city to which this project has become a love letter.

And it has.  In honor of this Emily, Mike, and I took a trip over to Mars Bar, the place where we took typewriters and created a social experiment.  Mars Bar will be closing soon to make way for "low income housing" aka condos.  Another piece of my NYC gone.  I heard whispering tonight from the cracks in the walls.  Artists, musicians, and writers need to ban together and take this city back. This city is sick.  We have to give it fresh ideas and a reason to live.  Tonight we got one reason.  Let's give it a few more.

All photos by Emily Poole.