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Pimp My Artwork 044: At Louche Ends


The cover I did for Maria Alexander's At Louche Ends: Poetry for the decadent, the damned, and the absinthe minded has finally been revealed.  The chapbook will be out next month through Burning Effigy Press.  This book is quite special as the "Trio of Trouble" was united for it's making.  Maria wrote the poetry, I created the cover and, Jill Tracy wrote the introduction.  Indeed it will be magic.



En Gypsy Couture 10: What The Baron Says Goes

I was recently asked to create a veve painting of Papa Ghede who is the counterpart to Baron Samedi for my friend Maria Alexander. I love Maria and I love her writing so I was incredibly honored to do this for her. This was my first veve painting and I wasn't quite sure how to go about it but I knew the Baron wanted me to do it.  Papa Ghede is tricky you see, he can get you to do exactly what he pleases without much twisting of the arm.  I knew painting the veve wouldn't be easy.  They may look easy but there's a lot involved in them, that and Papa there wanted a few things incorporated into it.  Papa is one that likes his rum, especially when there's chilis in it.  I can't handle the chilis too much so I had to take it easy on that one.  For every layer of paint I gave an offering of rum. In the paint I mixed chilis and tobacco, the brown you see on the edges is coffee both the grounds and actual coffee, that I used as paint, and over every layer of offerings I coated it with glaze to seal it in. And for every round of offerings I dressed in white.


Spirits for the Baron from Katelan Foisy on Vimeo.