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En Gypsy Couture 02: Love from India

When Sherene came back from India she brought along the most wonderful assortment of gifts.  From a head scarf, to almond soap, the Kali doll, Shiva's bracelet, and Amma's Rose oil all of them were so amazing and thoughtful that I just had to take a moment to post this up for her.  This week has been absolutely wonderful.  Sherene and I started our workshop on Wednesday and the first night was glorious.  I've also given up coffee for the week.  Not sure how long it will last but I'm enjoying the break from it, although I do miss the taste.

I've also once again realized how powerful the sense of smell can be.  As I was modeling today, the artist opened the windows and a cool breeze drifted past me bringing the scent of the rose oil up to my nostrils.  breathing it in brought me to moments from long ago.  Moments where the Autumn air struck something in me and everything played out perfectly.  It's those stills that make you smile, that make you grateful that you get to experience life, even if it is just for those few moments.

Vintage dress from Beacon's Closet (It was only $8), Shiva's bracelet on my right hand from Sherene, sweater and bangles from India on the left arm from the Black Hearted Optimist, pendant from my sister, and head scarf from Sherene.

Close ups of the head scarf, soap, and Amma oil.

I love the Kali doll so much and of course rockin' the bracelet and head gear.

A small peek at Latcho Drom, which may be the most beautiful fim ever made.