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Entries in Knickerbocker Circus (13)


Knickerbocker Circus 021 : Bedford & Bowery Archive

You can watch the stream by clicking the image above.


Knickerbocker Circus 020 : NY Magazine's Bedford & Bowery


Click the pic for bios and info.


Knickerbocker Circus 015: Blood & Pudding Photos

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, to all those who came out in the rain to Bluestockings for my party.  It was amazing and you all had such great energy.  Below are some pics by Emily Poole.

You can check out more pics from the party by clicking the events section or just clicking here.

If you have any photos from the event please send them over.  I'll add the to the gallery.

Me & best friend John before the reading.

Lenox Parker

Mike Lala

Eric Nelson

Dru announces the next performer John S. Hall

John S. Hall reading from other people's books.

Dru and I being very serious bidniz ladies.

Me reading from Blood and Pudding


My friend Autumn Sol took these pics with her iphone.  Signing and flipping best friend John over my shoulders with my massive strength.


Knickerbocker Circus 09: Save The Date

We have a date for the Blood and Pudding book release party.  So please mark your calendars for Sunday August 22nd 7 p.m. at Bluestockings Bookstore.  I adore Bluestockings so it's an honor to have my party there.  I will be reading excerpts from the book and signing throughout the evening. The lineup for the event is as follows:

John S. Hall

Eric Nelson

Mike Lala

Lenox Parker

There's still a few more days to purchase your copy before the book comes out July 15th.  Click the image to be taken to the pre-order page.



Killin' It 029: Live From The Literature Lounge

While in London I was asked to read alongside The fabulous Year Zero Writers, Daisy Anne Gree, Dan Holloway, Mark Nash, Penny Goring, and Larry Harrison, as well as Cherry Smyth, the Mama of Dada, Sheri-D Wilson from Canada, and Nina Rapi from Brixton and Athens. Plus artwork by Sarm.  It was an honor to read with so many wonderful writers and our host Anjan was delightful.  The event was held at the ever delightful Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden and is home to the National Poetry Society. 

I read excerpts from Blood & Pudding and talked a little about Knickerbocker Circus, tarot, and life in NYC.

Thank you once again to Dan Holloway, Daisy Anne Gree, Year Zero Writers, The Newf for making it all possible, Peter James for allowing me to make an office out of his flat, Dr. Beetle and Jeff Mead for their support, and Warren Ellis, who is just as awesome in real life as he is on the net, maybe more so. A big thank you to Nina Rapi from BRAND Literary Magazine, which is absolutely fantastic.


Left to Right: Sarm and Daisy, Dan & I in the Literary Lounge, Marc relaxes before the reading, Penny strikes a pose, Me & Anjan right after he introduced me, Dr. Beetle, me, & Warren.  We are a tough street gang, I know. Bottom: Me and Peter James

Photos of Year Zero by Daisy Anne Gree, Photo of me & P.J. by Lilly Moss

To pre-order Blood and Pudding Please click the cover below.  The KC will be taking pre-orders up until the shipping date July 15th.