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The Caravan 08: Weekend Crew

A special thanks to Bob Coulter, Jeremy & Renee Berger, Bear (Abearica), Emily Poole, and Jasen Rolfe for being such great hosts and company this weekend. Click the images to be taken to the sites.

Me and the beautiful Goddess Narcissa at Bob's.


One of Jeremy's Videos that he did for Betsy vs. NY

Album coming soon.  Featuring a track by me.

And this is Jasen Rolfe, he is a fabulous designer. He also like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You should all check out his work


The Caravan 07: Weekend Report

Good things are happening over here.  I just received word that one of pieces is going to be used in a psychology text book.  This excites me to no end as I absolutely adored studying abnormal psychology when I was in school.  I've always thought my art worked really well with it.  I'm also getting small art pieces together for a show that I'll be part of next month in CA.  I'm really inspired right now by the work of Bob Coulter who's party I attended on Friday.  Bob's website is filled with amazing photographs.  You can find his work here (NSFW).  In the same night I was lucky enough to catch the Royal Flush film festival & release party where my friend Jeremy Berger showed his short film The Van and stayed for Abraham Obama featuring the art of Ron English.  Ron was lovely and gave me neat smiley stickers. See, It doesn't take much to make me happy, just smiley stickers, and films, and after parties.  Not much at all.

P.S. Jeremy has promised me (I may or may not have forced him to do this) a reel of his film for people to have a little peek at.  When it falls into my hands I will post it up.