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Pimp My Artwork 031: Ancestral Altar

Finished altar for the Gemini and Scorpio Halloween bash.  This is the inside, filled with goat jaws, feather butterfly wings, a mink skull, part of a manequin hand, and old typewriter.

With the doors open.  The circles are the sign for earth and the crosses for crossroads.  One is for having one foot in on this earth and the other is for having one foot in the underworld. The nails are for the earth and the bones well, yes, you guessed it.

The finished top, complete with Sun and Moon war birds.

Another view of the top and front.

The front with doors closed.

Left Side.

Right Side.

Now that Devil's night and Halloween are finished I can concentrate on the Day of the Dead.  If I had it my way it'd be Halloween forever.


En Gypsy Couture 04: Devil's Night 

What better way to spend Devil's Night than divination and pomegranate champagne.

I've always been a girl who's been very fond of fire and fire's always been quite fond of me.  And for everyone out there tonight and tomorrow.  Happy Halloween!