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En Gypsy Couture 012: Beautiful Things

It's been an amazing week my friends.  I celebrated my dear friend Molly Crabapple's birthday.

It was an enchanted evening of hookah, Chinese egg custards, champagne, and amazing people.  Pure love all around. Photos taken by Kate Black.

I was incredibly pleased to finally meet Gabby Young who is an wonderfully talented singer/songwriter.  We met up for brunch and danced down the streets of the East Village, dropping into thrift stores, and playing with junk food. It was an incredibly magical day of bohemian cafes, Chinese lanterns, mermaid fans, and sparkly butterflies.  Gabby will be playing Joes pub this Wed.  If you are in town definitely check her out.

 Gabby and I couldn't help but buy these adorable fans from Pearl River.  For only 45¢

I fell in love with the shell plates there, so Gabby got me one of my own.  The blue jay will one day make a nest in my hair.

I also got these gorgeous lanterns for the house.

Eleggua even got a small gift from our excurson.

Balthazar sent me this a few weeks ago.  It's full of secrets, the juicy ones that seduce you in the middle of the night. He will send you one too, just not with the same secrets.

Jon Norman recently presented me with this beauty on an outing.  Isn't it beautiful?

He also gave me these lovelies, along with a small piece of Day of the Dead art. Oh how I adore Dia de Los Muertos.

And last but not least, Molly gave me this stunning little number.  Below is a picture from the party with me in the dress.

It's been a gorgeously wonderful week my loves.  Filled with celebration, collaboration, and magic all around.  And just this morning I received a text from Mike Lala, who is recording in Michigan.  Looks like the new Falcorps album will be out soon.  The text said "Your voicemail is now in a song." I'm off to bed.  Make magic.

x to the o,






En Gypsy Couture 06: Trinkets

Last night Mercury and Saturn brought together an evening of incredible intuitive energy mixed with inner elders and fairytale meditations.  Plus the night carried very special energy as an important meeting discussing stem cell research was taking place the same time our class was convening.  It's been a really magical time as of late.  The tarot deck is coming along splendidly and the classes I am teaching with Sherene are going remarkably well.  Everything is in motion, although communication is a bit off.  I'll just say that the upcoming retrograde is poking it's way in a little early. 

Mercury turns retrograde December 26th, 2009 at 21 Capricorn - 10:32 am EST
Mercury turns direct January 15th, 2010 at 5 Capricorn - 12:48 pm EST

For a little advice on how to cope with those pesky retrogrades take a look at our Constellation blog on coping with retrogrades.

Many wonderful things have been showing up in the mail as well as in person. Belly dance Goddess Blanca recently brought a gorgeous box of jewels to the class.  Blanca has a wonderful sense of style and any gift from her is truly a blessing.  The beautiful necklaces pictured below are from her as well as the wonderful bracelet.  Another surprise was the gorgeous glass hummingbird that made it's way to me from Galina Krasskova.  Hummingbirds have always been close to my heart as they represent a pure love.  Other wonderments to arrive were Richard Kadrey's Sandman Slim which I will recommend to everyone.  It is an incredibly entertaining read and almost impossible to put down and Dame Darcy's Death by Doll cd.

I'm back to painting tarot tonight.  I'l be posting cards I need reference and models for so keep your eyes open for the post. 

x to the o,



Killin' It 10: Anno Domini Gallery

If you are in San Jose and looking for some cool gifts for Christmas stop into the the Anno Domini Gallery December 4th at 8 p.m.  50 artists from around the world including myself have work for sale there.  It's all smaller pieces, nothing over 12" x 12" on sale for $250 or less. 

50 artists from around the world have created hundreds of works of art for this highly anticipated annual exhibition and sale. These artists were invited based on their unique artistic vision and contribution to urban/contemporary arts and culture. Each artist has submitted up to 10 works of original art, all affordably priced at $250 or less.

Exhibition & Sale Opens: First Friday, December 4, 2009
8pm til late, free and open to the public
On view through January 16, 2010

Participating Artists:

1911, Rimini,Italy
Aitch, Berlin, Germany
Alexandre Anjo, Santo André, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Miguel Arias (Argumentativa), San Francisco, CA
Christine Benjamin, San Jose, CA
Benjamin de Brousse, Paris, France
Cake, New York, NY
Mia Christopher, San Francisco, CA
Kimberly Cook, San Jose, CA
Scott Bergey, Toronto, Canada
Don John, Aarhus, Denmark
Dimitri Drjuchin, New York City, NY
Danielle Duer, Nashville TN
Bill Dunlap, Cumberland, MD
Mike Egan, Pittsburgh, PA
Kiersten Essenpreis, Brooklyn, NY
Lia Fenix - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Katelan Foisy, Astoria, NY
Foma<3, Tel Aviv, Israel
Curro Gómez, Mexico City, Mexico
Andy Gouveia, San Francisco, CA
Alvin P. Gregorio, Boulder, CO
Keith Greiman, Philadelphia, PA
Know Hope, Tel Aviv, Israel
Jean Spezial Collective, Paris, France
Mitchell Kehe, Brooklyn, NY
Julian Kimmings, Chester, Cheshire UK
KLONE, Tel Aviv, Israel
Daniel Jesse Lewis, Oakland, CA
Jeremiah Maddock, New York, NY
Devin McGrath, New York, NY
Wendell McShine, Mexico City, Mexico
Ginger Markley, Berkeley, CA
Binho Martins - Americana/Sao Paulo
Crystal Morey, Oakland, CA
Gabby Nathan, Tel Aviv, Israel
Virgilio Neto, Brasilia, Brazil
Rodrigo Obranco, Sao Paulo, Brazil
OZI - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Kyle Pellet, San Jose, CA
Pulpo Corporate, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Roseau, Lorient, France
Blaise Rosenthal, Santa Cruz, CA
Saddo, Berlin, Germany
Mario Scorzelli, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Amanda Spicer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Barron Storey, San Francisco, CA
Various & Gould, Berlin, Germany
Porous Walker, Owltooth, CA
Jerry Waese, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jake Watling, Oakland, CA, USA
Derek Weisberg, Oakland, CA
Paola Zakimi, Villa Giardino, Cordoba, Argentina
Zero Cents, Tel Aviv, Israel


En Gypsy Couture 02: Love from India

When Sherene came back from India she brought along the most wonderful assortment of gifts.  From a head scarf, to almond soap, the Kali doll, Shiva's bracelet, and Amma's Rose oil all of them were so amazing and thoughtful that I just had to take a moment to post this up for her.  This week has been absolutely wonderful.  Sherene and I started our workshop on Wednesday and the first night was glorious.  I've also given up coffee for the week.  Not sure how long it will last but I'm enjoying the break from it, although I do miss the taste.

I've also once again realized how powerful the sense of smell can be.  As I was modeling today, the artist opened the windows and a cool breeze drifted past me bringing the scent of the rose oil up to my nostrils.  breathing it in brought me to moments from long ago.  Moments where the Autumn air struck something in me and everything played out perfectly.  It's those stills that make you smile, that make you grateful that you get to experience life, even if it is just for those few moments.

Vintage dress from Beacon's Closet (It was only $8), Shiva's bracelet on my right hand from Sherene, sweater and bangles from India on the left arm from the Black Hearted Optimist, pendant from my sister, and head scarf from Sherene.

Close ups of the head scarf, soap, and Amma oil.

I love the Kali doll so much and of course rockin' the bracelet and head gear.

A small peek at Latcho Drom, which may be the most beautiful fim ever made.


En Gypsy Couture 02: Gifts

Sherene just got back from India and brought me this awesome Kali doll.  For those of you who don't know Kali, she is the Hindu Goddess of destruction as well as the Dark mother.  Kali clears the path of negativity and obstacles so your path may remain clear.  She is also considered the Goddess of time and change.  Kali came home to me Wednesday evening and life has been incredible since her arrival. 

I also received Minutiae yesterday which I did a little write-up on.  You can check out that write up on the Knickerbocker Circus blog here