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Killin' It 074: Where I'll Be


I'm still playing Lucrezia Guierri for Cynthia von Buhler's Speakeasy Dollhouse

Come see me and get your tarot read at Gemini and Scorpio's Lost Circus.


Pimp My Artwork 059: The Empress

When I started the 40 days of tarot I had a specific idea of what I wanted it to be.  I would paint furiously and finish as many cards as I could in the 40 day period.  I did not factor in that there would be commissions, tarot clients, and everyday life.  Although I'm still doing the 40 days of tarot, (day 17) I've only finished two and have the references for The Star.  I have however finished many edits on the writing and lived each of the cards as I've made them.  If anything this time has become an incredibly inspired moment in my existence.  Every day does have something to do with the tarot just not in the way that I expected. 

At that time I started painting the Empress I couldn't feel her energy.  I was still feeling the presence of an unexpected end to a friendship and hanging onto it. The only way to get out of this funk was to paint my way out.  Just as the Emperor card had come to pull me out of a funk, the Empress was here to do the same. Larisa Fuchs is an incredibly dear friend and once again I wanted to paint someone who brought me joy.She reminded me that the person was never really a good friend and that the universe had it's reasons for letting this one go.  I wasn't quite willing to accept it.  We joked a few days before I started painting the card that out of everyone she was probably the most accessible and yet the card was just coming into existence now and at such an auspicious time too.  Larisa had just rented a loft, a  dream space that had been coming up in her tarot for years.  The world you see, had given it's Empress the space to create her empire. Gemini and Scorpio finally had a home. I was happy for her, and that happiness melted away any sadness that I had within me.  To create is to heal and to heal is to live.  The Empress card is in essence that life force telling you to live, create, and thrive. 

The Empress reminds us that although we may be on the right path that things take time to truly develop properly and they cannot be rushed.  Larisa experienced it herself while looking for the loft, which was years.  Some spaces came into her life, looked like good deals, and then would fall through, the perfect space you see was just waiting.  Larisa told me that when she found the loft it wasn't even for rent.  The landlord ended up showing her the space accidentally.  The Empress is the great creator, the ultimate muse.  She inspires and infects people with her enthusiasm and drive to keep going even when things feel stagnant.  In some decks she is seen is the great mother but we are all mothers of our creative children.  Every time we paint, write, dance, we are giving birth to a creation.  The Empress is generous and devoted.  She is patient and kind but she is also master over her domain.  Try to get in her way and you will be knocked down.

Work in Progress pic.

The energy when painting this card completely shifted my viewpoint.  It made me appreciate being an artist and understand it on a whole new level.  I took a new route and reassessed what I was doing.The Empress tells you to make a plan, be patient, tend to your work and it will grow.  It takes time, understanding, and patience.  It takes knowing that the outcome will be good and trusting the universe in it's divine plan.


Killin' It 063: Time Out NY, Speakeasy Dollhouse, Two Shows, & More

I'm in Time Out NY's apartment tours. Click the image to be taken to the article. Photo by Zenith Richards. Dress by Stop Staring

October 29th I will have selected tarot pieces at Gemini & Scorpio's Masquerade Macabre.  You can purchase your tickets here.  Hurry as they sell out fast.

I've also been acting in Cynthia von Buhler's immersive play "Speakeasy Dollhouse"  The next show is October 31.  You can purchase tickets here.  Murder, mafia, bootleg booze! Photo by Kate Black

November 4th brings the "Spirit Animal" show at the White Rabbit.  This show will be up for two months and a portion of the proceeds from art sales will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. Click the image to RSVP.

In other news Literary Death Match came to town last week.  Electric Literature did a lovely write up on the event inclusing an akward prom pose with me and Todd Zuniga.  Sfterward he recited William Carlos Williams at the dinner table.  Not a bad night. Click the prom photo to get to the article.

Dan Holloway just came out with a new book.  It features a photo of me by the lovely Veronika von Volkova. The pic will take you to the books amazon page where you can purchase it. 


Pimp My Artwork 031: Ancestral Altar

Finished altar for the Gemini and Scorpio Halloween bash.  This is the inside, filled with goat jaws, feather butterfly wings, a mink skull, part of a manequin hand, and old typewriter.

With the doors open.  The circles are the sign for earth and the crosses for crossroads.  One is for having one foot in on this earth and the other is for having one foot in the underworld. The nails are for the earth and the bones well, yes, you guessed it.

The finished top, complete with Sun and Moon war birds.

Another view of the top and front.

The front with doors closed.

Left Side.

Right Side.

Now that Devil's night and Halloween are finished I can concentrate on the Day of the Dead.  If I had it my way it'd be Halloween forever.


Pimp My Artwork 030: Halloween Altar Work In Progress

Halloween is fast approaching and I'm hard at work creating an altar for the Gemini and Scorpio Halloween event.  I will be showing my piece with the wonderful Blood Dumpster Collective.

The Ouija board top begins.

The letters are added.

The right side of the altar in progress.