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The Caravan 040: Escape to New York

Last weekend brought me and the Saturn Sisters to South Hampton where we read cards and whipped out astrology charts for festival goers.  The Festival took place on the Shinnecock Reservation.  I'm still grounding myself from that one but we met some incredible people and got to see Patti Smith perform her magic up close.  Now I have a few things to say about the land and well about artists in general.  Being on the reservation was incredibly intense for me.  Being part Native American it's really hard to look at young girls in bikini tops and cut offs wearing a headdress on their heads.  It's incredibly sad trying to talk to them and realizing they have no idea that the streets and towns are Native American words or how the land reserved for the Native American's gets smaller and smaller as time goes on. 

As someone who grew up understanding that land was more than a piece of property it was a little odd walking onto a reservation and seeing the grass detroyed by vehicles parked on the "lawn".  But our booth was lovely and our hostess was absolutely stunning, a beautiful person inside and out.  "I like to pick pieces by designers that understand nature." she tells me, and I know we've picked the right person to share a  booth with. Bahar you are a force of nature.

The girls and I took a few walks around and scoped out the area.  Mark Krawczuk from The Night Market was there as well as the ever lovely Juliette Campbell who we all know from Shanghai Mermaid.  It's nice to go to a festival and run into friends and other creatives

That first night the magical Patti Smith took the stage, ranting about NY and bring a much needed boost to the festival itself.  Note to anyone on the festival circuit: Friday's are always rough.  The mood shifted, the air swirled.  I was texting Sxip throughout the show, giving him a play by play of the songs and who they were dedicated to.  Patti on stage took control, stopping time to take a breath.  "This next song is dedicated to the land spirits." and went into "Ghost Dance".  The entire show was dedicated to the dead, dedicated to taking back the country that is being destroyed and understanding that we have the power to do so.  I told Sherene and Stefanie. "She's healing the land here.  Musicians, artists, writers, and healers, the land so desperately needs us right now.  We are the ones healing it." And with that Patti recited parts of Ginsburgs "Howl".  I texted Sxip, "She's got me in tears again dedicating this one to Amy Winehouse. She's channeling bigtime.  So fricken powerful."

Photo by Danny North

We came back to the hotel and found out the US credit score had dropped.  Tired and emotional we stayed up and talked astrology, music, and art.  I excused myself and took a bath. letting warm water and salt run over me.  I put on an amulet a very special person had given to me and held it close against my chest. I just need to sleep.  And I did.

Sherene and I took this at the hotel pool the next morning.  The energy had lifted and I had promised that before I set foot on the grounds I would ask the land spirits for a sign we should stay.  We headed off to breakfast in the adorable town and took a quick 5 minutes at the beach where I said hello to the horizon.  Upon getting to the grounds I had already gotten my sign.  A reading was waiting for me as I got there.  And from then on it was client after client all amazingly beautiful people who I am so thankful to have gotten to known even if just for 10-15 minutes.

I took a break to walk through the grounds again, this time being lead deep into the forest where a melody was calling to me.  Of course this melody was from the one and only Gamelatron.  If you have never heard the Gamelatron I suggest you do, it's melodies are healing and draw me away from crowds and into that magic space.  My friend Aaron "Taylor" Kuffner created it and it's one of the most beautiful awe inspiring creations I've seen in a long time.  I can't express how much I love it and him.

Later in the day a woman stopped me.  "I'm not sure why I'm doing this but this belongs to you." She handed me a red rose.  I smile. I do.