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Killin' It 059: Sexy Art Gallery

Sexy Art Gallery is proud to present: "Pornsaints" - Group Show.

Opening reception: Friday June 10th, 19:00 – 23:00 at the Erotic Museum Amsterdam

On view until Wednesday Aug 31 Erotisch Museum, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54 Amsterdam, Netherlands

An art exhibition featuring: Francesco D'Isa, Molly Crabapple, Ellen Stagg, Aunia Kahn, Jeff Faerber, Italia Ruotolo, Eric Débris, Yana Moskaluk, Natsuki Otani, Glenn Arthur, Van Rijin, Katelan Foisy, Jessica Ward, Chelsea Greene Lewyta.

“The Pornsaint dwells in the house of the saints, but got there traveling a different way, and came in knocking at another door." Francesco D’Isa, Pornsaints. It was born as an international collective of artists who portray porn stars as saints. Artworks are based upon the idea that porn stars may be "sanctified" by their performances. Founded by Francesco D’Isa in early 2007, Pornsaints is based in Italy and made up of artists from around the world, working in an array of mediums ranging from digital video to oil and canvas.


Killin' It 050: Eight Cuts At O3

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.


We were making fairytales.  They were bittersweet and frantic and filled with the most intense love I've ever felt.  I started to write Jess.  "Today I miss them, I miss them so much.  I only hope to one day feel that intense love again."   

I created digital journals from loose diary pages and photographs for Eight Cuts Once Upon A Time In A Gallery. Click the journal above to see more.  You can also check the site for pics from the show at the O3 gallery opening in Oxford.


Killin It 021: Two New Group Shows

Come see my new piece "Medical Fetish Blanche" at the World Erotic Art Museum March 2 for the Golden Gals Gone Wild show brought to you by Lenora Claire.

You can also see my Kylie Ireland and Misty Haze pieces in person at Birdhouse Gallery March 28th.

Birdhouse Gallery, 1304 E. Cesar Chavez Austin, TX (USA).
Start: Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 6:00pm
End: Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 6:00pm



Killin' It 10: Anno Domini Gallery

If you are in San Jose and looking for some cool gifts for Christmas stop into the the Anno Domini Gallery December 4th at 8 p.m.  50 artists from around the world including myself have work for sale there.  It's all smaller pieces, nothing over 12" x 12" on sale for $250 or less. 

50 artists from around the world have created hundreds of works of art for this highly anticipated annual exhibition and sale. These artists were invited based on their unique artistic vision and contribution to urban/contemporary arts and culture. Each artist has submitted up to 10 works of original art, all affordably priced at $250 or less.

Exhibition & Sale Opens: First Friday, December 4, 2009
8pm til late, free and open to the public
On view through January 16, 2010

Participating Artists:

1911, Rimini,Italy
Aitch, Berlin, Germany
Alexandre Anjo, Santo André, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Miguel Arias (Argumentativa), San Francisco, CA
Christine Benjamin, San Jose, CA
Benjamin de Brousse, Paris, France
Cake, New York, NY
Mia Christopher, San Francisco, CA
Kimberly Cook, San Jose, CA
Scott Bergey, Toronto, Canada
Don John, Aarhus, Denmark
Dimitri Drjuchin, New York City, NY
Danielle Duer, Nashville TN
Bill Dunlap, Cumberland, MD
Mike Egan, Pittsburgh, PA
Kiersten Essenpreis, Brooklyn, NY
Lia Fenix - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Katelan Foisy, Astoria, NY
Foma<3, Tel Aviv, Israel
Curro Gómez, Mexico City, Mexico
Andy Gouveia, San Francisco, CA
Alvin P. Gregorio, Boulder, CO
Keith Greiman, Philadelphia, PA
Know Hope, Tel Aviv, Israel
Jean Spezial Collective, Paris, France
Mitchell Kehe, Brooklyn, NY
Julian Kimmings, Chester, Cheshire UK
KLONE, Tel Aviv, Israel
Daniel Jesse Lewis, Oakland, CA
Jeremiah Maddock, New York, NY
Devin McGrath, New York, NY
Wendell McShine, Mexico City, Mexico
Ginger Markley, Berkeley, CA
Binho Martins - Americana/Sao Paulo
Crystal Morey, Oakland, CA
Gabby Nathan, Tel Aviv, Israel
Virgilio Neto, Brasilia, Brazil
Rodrigo Obranco, Sao Paulo, Brazil
OZI - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Kyle Pellet, San Jose, CA
Pulpo Corporate, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Roseau, Lorient, France
Blaise Rosenthal, Santa Cruz, CA
Saddo, Berlin, Germany
Mario Scorzelli, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Amanda Spicer, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Barron Storey, San Francisco, CA
Various & Gould, Berlin, Germany
Porous Walker, Owltooth, CA
Jerry Waese, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jake Watling, Oakland, CA, USA
Derek Weisberg, Oakland, CA
Paola Zakimi, Villa Giardino, Cordoba, Argentina
Zero Cents, Tel Aviv, Israel