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Crosses Palm With Silver 021: Autumnal Equinox

The Most Magickal Night of the Year!
This Wednesday September 22
At Midnight.

Autumnal Equinox and Full Moon in Aries:
 at the Zero Point of the Entire Zodiac
Plus Harvest Full Moon

We are under an intense Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces collective Tsunami.
Psychological floodgates are becoming unleashed.

Potentials to manifest what we co-create with the archetypes (Pisces-Neptune-12th House energies):
 are stronger than ever so looking into habitual thought, speech and reaction patterns that limit us from breaking through.

Confronting disillusionment, the Savior complex, and feeling through our own emotional barriers without drowning in the swamp of the unconscious.

Ritual Work:
Manifesting your wildest dreams spell.
Bring two old possessions or symbolic objects to represent
 your former victim and your former savior complex.

Crawling out from the depths of our unconscious, resetting and starting at our own Zero point to be the true "I Am" principle as embodied by the archetype of the inner Emperor of Self.

Ritual Circle held at:
299 w. 12th street
between 8th ave and Hudson