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The Caravan 034: Viva La Revoluci√≥n!

I am an artist, a model, a writer, and a muse. I am also a practitioner of the Lucumi faith. We are not satanic nor are we cruel. We have been severely misrepresented by the media and I'm here to help stop it.

Last night leaders and practitioners of Afro-Caribbean faith were called to participate in a radio show on H2O discussing the media and it's misrepresentation of these faiths.  Often we are depicted as blood thirsty satanists sacrificing anything we can get our hands on.  That is not the case.  If anyone bothered to ask a priest of the religion they'd get their answers. But that would make for a boring story, and well boring doesn't sell, now does it?

I live in a country that is supposed to be free.  Many men and women risks their lives every day to protect our freedom and yet it's abused every day.  I am an animal lover.  I grew up on a farm.  We had goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and horses and each animal was like a part of the family.  I was vegan for two years and vegetarian most of my life.  Just recently I've started eating meat for health reasons.  I have compassion, I'm a healer, I live my life as honest and respectfully as I can.  And yet the media has made a caricature of my faith and ignored my individuality as a human being.

There is a petition being circulated among the community. For years Afro-Caribbean faiths have been portrayed as harmful to mankind.  I'm writing this today, to stop that portrayal.  The people of these faiths are good people.  We work hard, we mind our own business, we do not judge others for their beliefs.  Why are we getting attacked? For those who are on the defensive, do your research.  I'm tired of the poor journalism in many of these articles. 

I'm posting this to show those out there that I am one of the public faces of Afro-Carribbean tradition.  I'm tired of my brothers and sisters being discriminated against and portrayed in a poor light.  On this blog, you all know me.  I'm creative, happy, excited about life, and deeply involved in the rights of both human and animal kind. 

I am asking you today to please sign the petition to stop the misrepresentation of faiths within the Afro-Carribean diaspora by the media.

I am also asking people to repost this blog or create your own.  Take a photo with your elekes and post it with your statement.  If you are a supporter of religious rights say it.  The more people stand up, the less we are afraid.  We've passed the burning times, let's prove it.

If you would like me to post something for you email me at:

The response so far has been amazing.  One former Marine writes:

"I am a far right wing christian conservative, with an open mind, I served 19 years in the Marines, 3 years in combat, holding the belief I was defending the freedom of religion among other things, I may not agree, but its not my position too, good luck with you fight, I wish you well."

My Godfather Ocha'ni Lele writes:

"The Lucumi faith is neither barbaric nor cruel; it is an expression of God, a thing of beauty, a heartfelt expression of the divine. It is my faith. I am a santero."

Janet Poe writes:

"I am Janet L. Poe, and I am following suit of Katelan Foisy. I am a mother, a healer, a teacher, a lover, and most importantly I am a daughter of the Orisha Oshun! I too practice the Yoruba/Lucumi faith. I object to how the media has portrayed us to be satanic monsters! Our belief systems were an organized school of thought over 1,000 years before Christianity was even thought of. I am here to help! PROPAGANDA!!!"