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Pimp My Artwork 060: Fortuna's Box

A box for the adored Molly Crabapple.  A Lakshmi and Fortuna infusion, featuring the Wheel of Fortune, the hand of Fatima, and the most sacred honeysuckle.  I listened to Lakshmi and Kubera prosperity chants while I mixed absinthe colored paints on my palette. The box took about 5 days to paint.  I use a series of glazes and aging techniques, so between the drying of the glazes and aging the box it does take a few days, which is torturous to an impatient person such as myself.  Those moments are best for chanting. You can purchase your own custom box right here.

This Kubera chant was really amazing to work to.  One of my favorites with it's strong beat I found myself chanting along to it.


Pimp My Artwork 035: Lady Luck

To bring Fortuna’s good fortune to you create a small area designated to her.  Fill a bowl with pennies and coins and light green candles.  See a penny on the street? Pick it up and ad it to your bowl.  The saying “Find a penny pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck,” is straight from Fortuna’s ruby red lips and into your ear.  Add and subtract from your money bowl.  Use the money to buy a lottery ticket and if you win add some of it back.   In order to keep energy and good luck flowing there needs to be movement.

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