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Pimp My Artwork 037: Temperance/Alchemy

When Sxip introduced me to Feloche's music I fell in love instantly. I sat there mesmerized by the videos, music, and masks and commented that it was like looking inside of my dreams. 

The making of this card and The Magician go hand in hand.  The night I created The Magician we listened to Feloche's Dr. John Gris Gris as well as Sxip's album.  The blog about that card and night can be found here.  There is a certain process that goes into making the cards.  I sit in front of my boveda, light sage, light a white candle and say a prayer, then I start working.  The cards create themselves, they draw their own source material and create their own sketches.  I try not to interfere with that process. 

When first deciding I'd like to have Feloche in my deck, I messaged him via twitter.  Sxip, being the magician that he is, introduced us via email and there magic was born.  Feloche agreed to be in my deck and asked what card I thought he might be.  And the first thought that came to mind was The Joker/Fool card.  Feloche's stage presence is dynamic.  His videos are surreal and filled with incredible energy and light.  The embodiment of the The Joker/Fool.  But there was another card that had tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear.  It was Temperance/Alchemy and I had my suspicions that this may be the right card.  Sxip emailed me later.  "Originally I would have said the Joker, but Temperance makes so much sense. It's not a card I would have thought of originally but it's the right choice."  Knowing this came from a friend who knew him well, I knew the cards had chosen. 

Painting the cards becomes a meditation or trance to me.  I can get so involved with a card that I'll look up and it's five hours later.  This is exactly what happened.  I found myself digging deep into imagery, channeling Damballah and paying homage to Ayida Weddo.  I caught myself watching the interviews of Feloche that Sxip had sent me over an over.  It's important when painting a person to understand them.  It's important to see their energy, how they move, and to study their face.  I began to see that person.  Once I feel like I know that persons essence I can begin. 

Five hours later Temperance/Alchemy emerged and was ready for the first of several glazes.  Temperance is about optimism, philosophy, and taking risks. This card urges the querent to have faith that they can merge fiery red and watery blue into otherworldly violet. But they will need to experiment, have confidence, and try, try, again. It is about mixing things until you get exactly what you want, which is usually a perfect blend of the two. How can you mix fire and water? By finding the balance between the two.

Essentially by mixing fire and water (the sun and rain) you create a rainbow.