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Crosses Palm With Silver 036: Charms, Trinkets, Prints, & Readings

Come closer my darlings, I want to tell you something special. I've been hard at work behind the scenes preparing tarot and trinkets and other fine things. I've got conjure works on hand and candles to be prepared. This summer has been enchanted and well, I'm sure yours has been too. I'm currently booking readings for August and September and may be off traveling again if all goes as planned. Links are in bold.


Readings are $100 and last about an hour. You may come to the secret strega house and sit at the altar or I can come to you if you are in the city and it's reasonable.

Online readings vary in price full reading is $85, 10 card is $40, and 3 card is $15. These are all delivered via email.

I have also just added the 9 card Gypsy Witch reading to my etsy store. Covers past, present, and future $40


I'm now offering palm readings online for $40


Spiritual cleansings $30

House Cleansing & Blessing $100 hr min 2 hrs.


30 mins $60

60 mins $90

 New prints and trinkets are up on my etsy site as well. Stay tuned for an entire candle line, conjurations and more. In the meantimes there's a whole new lot of items and I'm updating weekly. I would love to know what you'd like to see more of. I'm constantly traveling and picking up items I think are charmed and lovely. Let me know your thoughts either here or via email

Click any image to be taken to the store.


Crosses Palm With Silver 027: Art on Etsy

I added some lovely art on etsy including my website header art.  Will be adding more soon. 

Click the images to be taken to the store.




Crosses Palm With Silver 024: New Arrivals On Etsy

I'm getting ready to head off to MA for the holiday, but I loaded up my etsy shop with a ton of new work.  Have some tea and take a look around.  Click the image below to journey to the shop.  I will be adding more when I return.


Crosses Palm With Silver 022: Gabby Young Posters & Etsy

My poster for Gabby Young and Other Animals is now online for purchase. Pick one up for just £20.  There's only a few left so get them while they are still here.  Click the image to purchase.

And there is a bit of a sale going on on my etsy store. Click the header and check out the store.

My book Blood and Pudding is available through the Knickerbocker Circus website.  If you would like a signed copy pop me an email.


Crosses Palm with Silver 018: New Arrivals on Etsy

With all these eclipses I thought it might be nice time to clean out the storage space.  And what lovely things I did find.  Feel free to take a gander. Click the image to travel to the shop.

On another note more orders of the book have been shipped.  Thank you for all your support.  It means the world to me.

Blood and Pudding is a celebration of life and all that means. It deals with tragedy and fragility, using little more than the words of Katelan and her teenage best friend Holly, which Katelan obsessively recorded on their adventures. One of THE great accounts of teenage life. Best release of 2010 so far.


-Dan Holloway Eight Cuts