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Pimp My Artwork 062: Two of Cups

The week I painted the Two of Cups I got hit in the head with heart shaped helium balloons, found a rose petal path along the sidewalk, a fake flower with an "I love you" note, and two hearts draped over the street light wires.  I'm not going to lie.  Love makes me uncomfortable.  It makes me uncomfortable to write about it, paint it, talk about it, you name it. But I like the Two of Cups.  I like this card because it's about healthy relationships.  My friend Sylvia Payne recently brought this to my attention. Traditionally the Two of Cups depicts a man and woman exchanging what looks to be vows.  His hand is on the cup, the other is reaching to hers.  Both of her hands are on her cup, passing it to him. I had never noticed this.  I took a good long look at my card.  The hands are in shadow but both Kara Clark and Eerie Von are holding their cups with one hand and holding hands with the free ones.  I took a lot of inspiration for this card from their wedding, a beautiful loving event that shows with every photograph. You can see the softer side of each of them. 

When I asked Kara and Eerie to be in the deck I was nervous.  I get that way sometimes when I really respect someone's work and I want them to like mine.  They said yes and my mind was relieved, at least for a moment.  And then all the love came in.

Suddenly my house was filled with roses and heart shaped candles.  I told people I loved them over and over again.  I healed a friendship with an ex and made a new friendship with his girlfriend.  It was all, how do you say? rosy. And then it hit me, to be truly honored, respected, loved and cherish you must first acknowledge and feel it in yourself.  This is one of the many messages of the Two of Cups.  This card is the card of healing, it mends relationships that have tears. A lot of relationships become fractured through self doubt and stress.  The Two of Cups teaches us to love ourselves, to forgive our flaws , and to be the best we can be.  The Two of Cups teaches us to be kind and gentle to ourselves.  This is what attracts that energy to us.  It tells us to leave the past behind and become open to the joy that love brings.

The Two of Cups is the perfect partnership and union, two souls joining in love and trust.  It reassures us that the meaningful relationships in our lives will continue to strengthen and grow.  It shows us the beauty and power that happens when two become one.  It is a nurturing creative card that allows one to be themselves and loved for it.  We create our futures and the two of cups reminds us that as long as you remain kind to yourself and others and work toward a common goal connections will only grow, not fade away.

The flowers in the painting are impatiens pallida (the yellow one), and impatiens capensis (the orange ones). aka jewelweed or touch-me-not.  They are courtesy Jim Shirey of course.  One of the unique features of impatiens is that the seed pods explode under pressure and disturbed thus teaching us to ground, keep calm, and always treat ourselves and others with gentleness and respect. The symbolism of the plant is motherly love.  As the flowers look down upon the couple they give unconditional love, protection (touch me not) and strength.

The snakes represent transformation as well as Damballah ruler of cosmic equilibrium and the mind.  he is the creator.

Kara came to NYC.  It was awesome.