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Killin' It 048: Dr. Sketchy's Apocalypse Photos

Just a few weeks ago Dr. Sketchy's celebrated it's fifth anniversary with the theme apocalypse.   Amber Ray, Rogizoid, Nik Sin, Lillet St. Sunday, Kat Mon Dieu, Ariel Wolf, Lux Berlin, and myself all posed in honor of the fabulousness that is Dr. Sketchy's.  I of course was the ever destructive Kali Ma.  You can check out the full blog here.


Killin' It 045: Dr Sketchy's Apocalypse

This Saturday! Be there or suffer the consequences.  Kali takes no prisoners.



Killin' It 042: Frida Kahlo Dr. Sketchy's

Last weekend I had the honor of portraying my favorite artist in the world, Frida Kahlo, for my favorite drawing session in the world, Dr. Sketchy's.  Here's a few photos of the event.  For an in depth look sans the Diego pasties you can check out the Dr. Sketchy's blog.



Killin' It 041: Frida Dr. Sketchy's and Swing House

This weekend I'm doing two amazing events.  October 16th 4 p.m. I'm posing as Frida Kahlo for Dr. Sketchy's.

50 North 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY

Take the L to Bedford Ave. $10 in advance, $15 at the door.
Please bring your own art supplies.

Tickets can be obtained here

October 17, I will be acting as a living installation for Gemini & Scorpio's Swing House.  All information can be found below.

Gemini & Scorpio
Swing House
A dazzling vintage dance event: "Gatsby-era fun with a twist of new-school vibe" - Village Voice
Sun, Oct 17, The Brooklyn Lyceum, 227 4th Avenue (D/N/R to Union)
8pm doors, 8:30pm dance class, 9pm party 
$15 with RSVP + themed dress, $20 door, $10 after 11:30pm; 21+
Bootleggers and speakeasies...wild dancers and smart that sizzles and music that roars...A costumed all-night dance ball with live swingin' sounds by authentic vintage jazz bands, re-bopin' DJs remixing and reinventing vintage grooves, blazing burlesque divas and exotic cocktails. 
Featuring...Two sets of danceable early Americana by Tin Pan Band. Swingin' brass attack by Chicago's Environmental Encroachment mini-band and guests from Hungry March Band. Live swing remix dance set by FreeBass on bass and laptop. Blazing burlesque by dancer extraordinaire Maine Attraction and sultry striptease siren Gigi LaFemme. Re-bopin' jazz swingin' beats by renown mix master DJ Shakey. Living art installation by Katelan Foisy. Free dance class before the event by Akemi Kinukawa. Plus fire performers, cigarette girls and other unpredictable surprises.
"We love any excuse for a fancy-dress party, and G&S present a doozy with Swing House...patrons in zoot suits and full flapper regalia dance the night away to live swing, jazz, and be-bop." - Flavorpill. "It's like a remixed version of the Roaring '20s, with live music and burlesque dancing." - TimeOut 2010. "Gatsby never attended a party this good." - 24/Seven
The Jazz Age never ended, it just got funky. Dress accordingly: "An event worth wearing that ridiculous zoot suit for" - TimeOut 2009. "Corsets and top hats tweaked with studs and leather are totally appropriate" - The New York Times. No casual attire. Past Swing House details & photos:


Killin' It 039: On the Road with Dr. Sketchy's

Friday, Molly Crabapple, Melissa Dowell, Tim Kellen , and I jumped on a rain and headed over to Maryland to Intervention Con, where Molly was invited to be a guest speaker.  Armed with a bag full of bangles, blue paint, and skulls we began our journey.  We promised to party like rock stars and deliver a damn good Dr. Sketchy's performance.  A few hours later, this is what we unveiled.  Kali-Ma in all her glory.

What we left was this:

There was many giggles to be had over the childlike glee shameless mirror self-portraits bring.

And of course there is always Hooters, the most evil place on earth.

Of course after the destruction of Hooters, one must celebrate with champagne and tiny skulls, like a true rock star.  If you're not doing it this way, you're just not doing it right.

We are very sorry for Kali's destruction of the bathroom.

The morning after large cappuccinos were a must have.  They are of course the nectar of the Gods.