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Dreams Are Real 02: Feliz Dia de Los Muertos

First I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Dia de Los Muertos.  Everyone take a moment to raise a glass and honor those who came before us.  I'll be making an ancestor inspired dinner before working on contracts, and formatting magazine pages.  I'm taking a well earned break from painting today.

Yesterday brought the full moon in Taurus (that's my sun sign), so in between paintings I lit some sage, gathered up all my green candles, made my way to my Gypsy altar, and did a little something for abundance.  Simple rituals are often the best kind of rituals.

And here is one of the images I was painting all evening.  When I was younger I would dream of men in suits with bird heads.  Their heads would always turn in the most grotesque of angles and they would often bring war and turmoil with them.  For the past year they have been trying to get my attention again.  They don't bring war so much anymore but a chance to delve into my darker parts to get closer to the light.  I still have to define the arms on this one but here he is, bringing his wisdom and designer suits.

But of course in all of this I have felt like this weekend has been a strange dream.  Which of course is why this little potpourri of events is under "Dreams Are Real".




Crosses Palm With Silver 01: La Gitana 

My etsy store is up and running again.  I'll be adding more as time goes on.  Right now the autumn air has inspired me to create Dia de los Muertos masks and read tarot.  The veil is thin my friends, almost transparent.  Click Elena's face (the mask) to go directly to the shop.